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Oregon Provider Directory Overview

General Information

The Oregon Health Authority (OHA) is implementing a statewide provider directory. The provider directory will leverage data from existing, trusted data sources. The ability for health care entities to use one trusted, single and complete source of provider data is essential to improving system efficiencies and patient care coordination, while helping reduce costs for Oregonians.

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Why it's Needed

Today, a single, accurate directory of health care providers does not exist in Oregon. Instead, healthcare organizations use many different directories to look up providers and their clinic and network affiliations. These directories are isolated and exist within many state and non-state systems.

The directories available today are:

  • Limited in scope and data accuracy.
  • Costly and difficult to maintain.
  • Built separately and may not meet current and emerging national standards.
  • Lacking or limited in their ability to tap into provider directories outside a provider’s coordinated care organization, clinic, or designated system. 
The Provider Directory will:
    • Support coordinated care - Offers a complete one-stop option to find who, where, and how to contact other providers and care team members. Gives providers access to a rich source of accurate, complete data to find other providers (and their health information exchange addresses) for patient referrals and discharge planning.
    • Increase efficiencies - Reduces duplication, as well as time and costs invested in managing and keeping the same provider information up to date in multiple directories.
    • Improve security and privacy - Providers can have confidence that information they are relying on for patient care is correct.
    • Enhance reporting capabilities - Using current and historical provider affiliations data can better enable reporting and monitoring of quality, performance, and access to care.

Stakeholder Driven

The Office of Health Information Technology is working with Oregon’s coordinated care organizations (CCO) and stakeholders from across settings to define the uses and scope of the provider directory. Shared needs and goals ensure the development of a value-based tool that supports patient care coordination, reduces administrative burden and supports emerging reporting needs for continued health system transformation.

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