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About the Health Policy and Analytics Division

Health Policy and Analytics Division

Organizational Chart

The Health Policy and Analytics Division (HPA) provides agency-wide policy development, strategic planning, clinical leadership, development of statewide delivery system technology tools to support care coordination, CCO and delivery transformation support, and health system performance evaluation reports. The Division develops and implements innovative approaches working with the Governor's Office, the Legislature, other state and federal agencies, partners and stakeholders, local governments, advocacy and client groups, and the private sector to achieve the triple aim of better health, better care, and lower costs. This is accomplished through six main functions within Health Policy and Analytics.

HPA Interim Director

 Ali Hassoun

HPA Deputy Director

 Trilby de Jung

Office of Delivery System Innovation

 Chris DeMars, Director

The Office of Delivery System Innovation aligns and integrates clinical resources and policies to support the implementation of the coordinated care model throughout all provider and payer organizations, including the Health Authority. This role includes oversight of the Transformation Center, Patient Centered Primary Care Home program, the Health Evidence Review Commission, and the Quality Council.

Office of Health Policy

 Stephanie Jarem, MA, MPA, Health Policy Director

The Office of Health Policy analyzes and develops policy options, facilitates stakeholder discussions, coordinates strategic and implementation planning efforts, and conducts health services research and policy evaluation for the Governor's Office, the Legislature, the Oregon Health Policy Board (OHPB), OHA, and other participants in Oregon's health system transformation work. These services help Oregon identify opportunities, articulate program options, implement policy, and assess its progress toward achieving the triple aim of better health, better care, and lower costs.

Office of Health Analytics

 Stacey Schubert, MPH, Director

The Office of Health Analytics provides reports and recommendations so that OHA leadership, the Governor, and the Legislature can better understand and improve upon the performance of OHA programs and the quality of Oregon's health system as a whole. Health Analytics:

  • Collects and analyzes data to inform policy development, program implementation, and system evaluation;
  • Collaborates with professional researchers to develop a body of knowledge that can be used to help lower and contain costs, improve quality, and increase access to health care in order to improve the lifelong health of Oregonians; and
  • Provides important information that individuals can use to help inform their care decisions.

Office of Health Information Technology

 Susan Otter, Director

The Office of Health Information Technology is responsible for providing coordination across programs, departments, and agencies in developing policies and procedures that:

  • Accelerate state and federal health reform goals through organized support for adoption, implementation and integration of health information technologies;
  • Leverage health IT funding opportunities from federal agencies, philanthropic organizations and the private sector to improve Oregon's health IT capacity; and,
  • Increase collaboration and communication among state agencies and across programs for enhanced planning and shared decision making, leveraged IT purchases, and coordination of service delivery.

Office of Business Operations

 Matt Betts, Director

The Office of Business Operations is responsible for all operational functions on behalf of the division. The office partners closely with the various Shared Services offices and acts as a liaison to internal and external stakeholders related to operational functions. These operational functions include but are not limited to:

  • Program contracts management
  • Program staffing
  • Program grants management
  • Operational and project budget management
  • Facilities management
  • Program policy and rule making management
  • Administrative and executive support
  • Program technical support

Oregon Health Insurance Marketplace

 Chiqui Flowers, Director

The Oregon Health Insurance Marketplace empowers Oregonians to improve their lives through local support, education, and access to affordable, high-quality health coverage.

The Marketplace:

  • Administers the Oregon’s Health Insurance Marketplace, the state-level counterpart to
  • Works with insurance companies, agents, community partners, health care providers and other stakeholders to help people get the coverage that is right for them and their families.
  • Connects people to free, local enrollment assistance.
  • Raises awareness among consumers about health insurance options available in Oregon.
  • Oversees the health plans sold to Oregonians on

Public Employees Benefit Board / Oregon Educators Benefit Board

 Ali Hassoun, Director

The Public Employees Benefit Board (PEBB) provides core benefits to public employees and their dependents. PEBB designs, contracts for, and administers health plans, group policy and flexible spending accounts for over 130,000 Oregonians.

The Oregon Educators Benefit Board (OEBB) administers medical, dental, vision, and other benefit plans for Oregon's public educators and their dependents. OEBB serves more than 150,000 Oregonians.