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Boards, Committees & Workgroups

The following is a list of Boards, Commissions, Committees and groups where staffing or oversight is provided by Health Policy and Analytics Division.

Health Policy

Health Care Workforce Committee
Oregon Health Policy Board (OHPB)
Medicaid Advisory Committee (MAC)
Sustainable Health Care Cost Growth Target

Delivery Systems Innovation

Health Evidence Review Commission (HERC)
Mental Health Clinical Advisory Group (MHCAG)
Out of Hospital Births Prior Authorization Review Workgroup
Pain Management Commission (PMC)
Palliative Care Advisory Council
Pharmacy and Therapeutics Committee
Primary Care Payment Reform Collaborative
Quality and Health Outcomes Committee (QHOC)

Health Analytics

All Payer All Claims (APAC) Technical Advisory Group
APAC Payment Arrangement File Workgroup
Child & Family Well-Being Measures Workgroup
Data Review Committee
Health Equity Measurement Workgroup
Health Plan Quality Metrics Committee
Metrics and Scoring Committee
Metrics Technical Advisory Group

Office of Health Information Technology

Advisory Committee on Physician Credentialing Information (ACPCI) 
Behavioral Health HIT Workgroup
Clinical Quality Metrics Registry Subject Matter Expert Workgroup
Common Credentialing Advisory Group (CCAG)
Health Information Technology Advisory Group (HITAG)
Health Information Technology Oversight Council (HITOC)
Health IT and Health Information Exchange Community and Organizational Panel (HCOP)
Network of Networks Technical Definitions Group
Provider Directory Advisory Committee (PDAC)

Public Benefit Plans

Public Employees Benefit Board
Oregon Educators Benefit Board

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