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Administrator Process Instructions

MyOEBB Admin Module Processes

Add a Dependent
Add a New Hire
Change a Domestic Partner to a Spouse
Change an Active Employee or Retiree to an OEBB Administrered Self-Pay Early Retiree
Change an Active Employee to a Retiree
Change an Address
Change in Employment
Change Salary
Mass Lock Out
Monthly Invoice Reconciliation Process
PERM FILE Conversion to Text Procedures
PERM FILE Local Governments - Instruction Guide
PERM FILE Local Governments - Initial Migration
PERM FILE Format - Excel Template
PERM FILE Payroll Interface - Instruction Guide
Remove a Dependent
Report Mart Instructions
Salary/Address Update File Format - Instruction Guide
Terminate an Employee
Salary/Address Update File Format Template
Salary/Address Update File Format Template - Tips in Row 2
How to Save an Invoice as an Excel File

Other Entity Processes (outside MyOEBB)

Guide to Taxation of Disability Benefits