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Mental Health Awareness Month

May is devoted to raising awareness for mental health. Many of us experience issues over the course of our lifetime, ranging from “feeling blue” to something more serious. No matter what is happening, it is important to know you do not have to face this alone. Today and every day, support is standing by for you and your family. Read on to learn more.

Understanding common mental health conditions

MONEY-COACH-asian-man-smiling-giving-thumbs-up-holding-credit-cardMental health conditions are more common than most people realize. And in times of extreme stress, even more people experience symptoms that affect their daily lives – which is normal and expected. Sometimes these symptoms go away when stress subsides, but sometimes they don’t. 

Learn more about common mental health conditions, and how to seek treatment for yourself or a loved one.

Beyond Well podcast


Podcasts are a great way to absorb new information – portable, time-efficient and entertaining. HealthyYou offers the Beyond Well Mental Health podcast to help you reclaim your balance and learn about topics like isolation, anxiety, or depression. They also explore the search for meaning and happiness, and ideas to reclaim balance in our lives. 

OEBB members can listen to it on the HealthyYou portal here.

Mental health resource: Find your words

girl-teen-smiling-reaching-her-hand-to-helpOffering support and asking for help are more important than ever. Mental health matters, and we should talk about it — just like we talk about physical health. 

Find Your Words offers support for these conversations, as well as information about available resources and links to peer support and professional care. Learn more.

Mental health benefits through your medical plan

peanut-butter-oat-balls.jpgIf you have OEBB medical coverage, you can access mental health resources, counseling and coaching through your medical plan. It’s a great way to understand the state of your mental health, set sustainable goals, and begin feeling better.

Moda Health members can access Meru Health, a 12-week online program with daily text support from a licensed therapist.

Kaiser Permanente members can work with a health coach or download mobile apps MyStrength or Calm.

Mindset Matters BINGO! Challenge

Moda-Bingo.pngAll aspects of our health are intertwined and contribute to mental wellbeing. The Mindset Matters Bingo Challenge is designed to inspire small steps for movement, nutrition, sleep, mindset, financial wellness and social health.

Join the Mindset Matters Bingo Challenge to be inspired and feel better! View the flyer to learn more.

Mental Wellbeing Check-in

Regular check-ins on your mental health play an important overall role in your wellbeing! Just like your annual physical, a mental wellbeing check-in can catch issues before they become more serious. 

You can keep in touch with your emotional health with the Wellbeing Check tool in the Uprise Health Digital Mental Health Platform to keep in touch with your levels of stress and wellbeing. 

Access the platform with (access code: OEBB) and learn more.

HealthyYou Activity Challenge

It's not too late! Register by May 11 for the HealthyYou Physical Activity Challenge! Show off your moves, May 4 through May 31 by exercising for 30 minutes per day for 21 out of 28 days. HealthyYou will have a BONUS Energizer series for everyone who registers. View the HealthyYou flyer to learn more.

Events Calendar

Calm Afternoons 
Presented by: Kaiser Permanente
Wednesday, May 4 (3:30-4pm PDT)
Wednesday, May 11 (3:30-4pm PDT)
Wednesday, May 18 (3:30-4pm PDT)
Learn more and register.

Move Well Series: Wrists and Elbows
Presented by: Moda Health
Wednesday, May 11 (3-4pm PDT)
Learn more and register.

Promote Daily Health with Family 
Presented by: Alliance in partnership with Kaiser Permanente
Thursday, May 12 (11-11:30am PDT)
Learn more and register.

Getting Started with Exercise Webinar
Presented by: HealthyYou
Thursday, May 12 (11-11:30am PDT)
Learn more and register.

Skill building: Feeling not good enough
Presented by: Uprise Health
Thursday, May 19 (12-12:30pm PDT)
Learn more and register.

Focus on your fitness
Presented by: WW
Thursday, May 26 (10-10:30am PDT)
Learn more and register.

2022 Energizer Series
Presented by: HealthyYou
Tuesdays (12-12:10 pm PST)
Learn more and register
Watch videos of previous sessions

Event Recordings

Sleep for injury prevention: rest, recharge, and rejuvenate
Presented by: Moda Health
View recording

Embodied Yoga: Joker Pose
Presented by: Moda Health
View recording

Empathy on empty: compassion fatigue
Presented by: Uprise Health
View webinar through the Uprise Health Personal Advantage website.
  1. Enter your Access Code: OEBB
  2. Click the “Webinar” button

Build a better district wellness policy
Presented by: Alliance for a Healthier Generation in partnership with Kaiser Permanente
Watch the recording now  
Note: This recording requires a log in to the Alliance for a Healthier Generation Action Center. If you are not registered yet, you can do so at this link.

Did you miss one of our January "Get to Know Us" webinars? No problem! 
Watch the recordings now:

Tips for keeping a healthy mindset

happy-black-man-breathing-deeply-fresh-air-in-a-park.jpgWe all have ups and downs–so treating yourself with kindness and acceptance is key for reaching your goals. Start prioritizing your well-being with these two tips:

  1. Celebrate you! Research shows that being tough on yourself doesn't work. Instead, show some self-love by writing down three things about yourself that you're grateful for, today.

  2. Treat yourself like a friend. When you notice you're being critical of yourself, give that self-talk a time-out and consider how you'd react if your friend was speaking about themselves in this way. You'll likely change your tune!
Need additional support? WW offers 5-Minute Coaching sessions designed to help you manage stress, overcome setbacks and find success. Anyone age 18 and older enrolled in an OEBB medical plan can sign up at NO COST to you. Learn more.

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Wellness-Champions-Logo.png Be an OEBB Wellness Champion!

Do you coordinate wellness activities for your workplace? Or would you like to? 

Learn more on the Wellness Champions page.
There you'll find the upcoming meeting schedule and recordings of past meetings. You'll also find a summary of what it means to be part of the Network, a guide to get you started, and links to promotional materials. We hope it's an easy way for you to find everything you need to share wellness in your workplace.

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