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Accreditation for Laboratories Testing Cannabis in Oregon


ORELAP Accreditation and Cannabis Testing

It is strongly recommended that laboratories interested in ORELAP accreditation for Cannabis apply as soon as possible. The accreditation process takes several months.

The final analyte lists are complete. It is possible to apply for some technologies (such as LCMSMS) and matrices (Cannabis plant is in the “Biological Tissue” matrix, Cannabis products will likely be in the “Solid” matrix) and add other technologies later, OR add the technologies that you currently perform with the analyte list.

If your technology and method are accredited, adding additional analytes that are included in the Rule will not require an additional site visit. However, it will require a document review of your new Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) and method validation.

Until a lab is fully accredited for all of desired methods, labs can subcontract non-accredited analytes to an ORELAP accredited laboratory, per the TNI 2009 Standard. Laboratories are required to be accredited before OLCC licensing per HB 3400.

Prepare your Laboratory for ORELAP Accreditation

  • Purchase the 2009 TNI Standard from Consider becoming a member - the Standard is offered at a discount and membership allows your input into many areas of TNI including training and the revision of the standards.
  • Prepare your documentation, including a Laboratory Quality Manual and procedurals on all activities that the laboratory undertakes. 2009 TNI Standard V1M2 has requirements for a Quality Management System.
  • Analyze Proficiency Test Samples: TNI requires 2 annual acceptable PT samples for each matrix/method/analyte combination. This information can be found in V1M1 of the 2009 TNI Standard.
  • Ensure compliance with the technical modules of the Standard. Chemistry is covered in 2009 TNI V1M4 and Microbiology in 2009 TNI V1M5.

To Submit your Application

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