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Oregon Immunization Law

Proposed Rule Changes

The Oregon Health Authority, Public Health Division, is proposing to permanently amend administrative rules in chapter 333, division 50, relating to school immunization law and chapter 333, division 49, relating to the immunization registry.

These amendments are needed so that:

  1. The fee for client-level immunization data requests for some categories of authorized user is reduced from $10.00 per record to up to $5.00 per record, as approved by the 2017 Oregon Legislative Assembly with the passage of HB 5026 (Oregon Laws 2017, chapter 545). This change is being made because of technical advances reducing the labor cost of providing records.
  2. References to immunization registry are updated to Immunization Information System (IIS) and references to manager are updated to program. These changes are being made to document the expanded role of the IIS in the operation of the Oregon Immunization Program’s daily activities.
  3. Electronic versions of documents and forms related to school immunization recordkeeping and reporting are allowable, in lieu of paper forms. The current rules are unclear in some instances if electronic versions are acceptable, so these rules are necessary to allow electronic recordkeeping and reporting.
  4. Language is aligned between school immunization rules OAR chapter 333, division 050 and disease control rules OAR chapter 333, division 019 regarding exclusion of susceptible children when there is a case of disease.
  5. Students 18 and older may complete the hepatitis B immunization requirement using a recently licensed two dose series of hepatitis B vaccine. The current rules are not written to accommodate this newly licensed vaccine, which would force students to receive a third dose, which would result in a conflict between a clinical recommendation and school requirement.
  6. Language is clarified around vaccine requirements in the Immunization Primary Review Table, OAR 333-050-0120.

You are being invited to review these proposed rules and to comment on them. If you wish to present oral testimony, a public hearing will be held in Portland, Oregon at 800 NE Oregon St, Room 1D, on October 18, 2018 at 3:00 p.m. You may also file written comments before 5:00 p.m. on October 22, 2018 to the Public Health Division Rules Coordinator at the following address:
OHA, Public Health Division
Brittany Hall, Administrative Rules Coordinator
800 NE Oregon Street, Suite 930
Portland, Oregon 97232

E-mail comments to: You may also send comments by fax to (971) 673-1299.

Final rules will be filed after consideration of all comments.

For more details, please see the Statement of Need and Fiscal Impact and the full text of the proposed rules below.

If you have any questions or would prefer a hardcopy be sent, please contact Amanda Timmons at 971-673-0312 or, or Stacy de Assis Matthews at 971-673-0528 or

Recent Legislation

House Bill 3276 (passed in 2017)

  • Requires insurers to cover treatment and preventive measures when Oregon Health Authority’s public health director declares a disease outbreak, epidemic or other condition of public health importance in a geographic area of Oregon or statewide.
  • Required OHA to convene a task force to make recommendations for improvements in student health insurance coverage and preventing the spread of disease during an outbreak, epidemic or other condition of public health importance.
  • Read the full report: PDFHouse Bill 3276 Task Force Report

House Bill 274 (passed in 2017)

  • Requires post-secondary institutions that provide housing to provide information on vaccine-preventable diseases to enrolling students.

Immunization Laws and Rules

Oregon laws are defined in the Oregon Revised Statutes (ORS). Oregon Administrative Rules (OAR) determine how those laws are implemented.

 OAR 333-046-0010 to 0130 (VFC Program)

These rules cover:

  • 333-046-0010  Purpose
  • 333-046-0020  Adoption by Reference
  • 333-046-0030  Definitions
  • 333-046-0040  Clinic Enrollment
  • 333-046-0050  Vaccine Eligibility
  • 333-046-0060  Patient Consent and Administration Fees
  • 333-046-0070  Program Compliance
  • 333-046-0080  Record Keeping
  • 333-046-0090  Provider Sanctions
  • 333-046-0100  Clinic Probation
  • 333-046-0110  Removal from the VFC Program
  • 333-046-0120  Clinic Appeals
  • 333-046-0130  Conditional Re-enrollment

 OAR 333-047-0010 to 0050 (State-supplied Vaccine Accountability)

These rules cover:

  • 333-047-0010  Definitions Used in the Vaccine Accountability Rules
  • 333-047-0030  Training
  • 333-047-0040  Accounting for Vaccine
  • 333-047-0050  Timeline for Reporting

 OAR 333-049-0010 to 0130 (Immunization Registry)

These rules cover:

  • 333-049-0010  Definitions
  • 333-049-0020  Purpose and Intent
  • 333-049-0030  Enrollment
  • 333-049-0040  Collection and Release of Information
  • 333-049-0050  Reporting to the Immunization Registry
  • 333-049-0060  Access to Immunization Records
  • 333-049-0065  Fees
  • 333-049-0070  Limitations on Access to Information in the Immunization Registry and Tracking and Recall System
  • 333-049-0080  Limitations on the Transfer of Information from the Immunization Registry
  • 333-049-0090  Notification of Needed Immunizations, Hearing Screening, or Lead Screening
  • 333-049-0100  Confidentiality
  • 333-049-0120  Deletion of Information in the Registry and Tracking and Recall System
  • 333-049-0130  Security

 OAR 333-050-0010 to 0140 (School Immunization Rules)

These rules cover:

  • 333-050-0010  Definitions Used in the Immunization Rules
  • 333-050-0020  Purpose and Intent
  • 333-050-0030  Visitors, Part-Time Students, and Residents
  • 333-050-0040  Statements (Records) Required
  • 333-050-0050  Immunization Requirements
  • 333-050-0060  Primary Review of Records
  • 333-050-0070  Secondary Review of Records
  • 333-050-0080  Exclusion
  • 333-050-0090  Review of Exclusion Orders
  • 333-050-0095  School/Facility Compliance
  • 333-050-0100  Follow Up
  • 333-050-0110  Annual Reporting Requirements
  • 333-050-0120  Immunizations Schedules for Spacing of Doses
  • 333-050-0130  Second Dose Measles in Post Secondary Educational Institution
  • 333-050-0140  Second Dose Measles in Community Colleges

 ORS 689.005 to 689.995 (Pharmacists; Drug Outlets; Drug Sales)

 ​OAR 855-019-0100 to 0320 (Licensing of Pharmacists)

These rules cover:

  • 855-019-0100  Application
  • 855-019-0110  Definitions
  • 855-019-0120  Licensure
  • 855-019-0122  Renewal of Licensure as a Pharmacist
  • 855-019-0123  Liability Limitations for Volunteers
  • 855-019-0125  Coaching from Board and Staff
  • 855-019-0130  Licensure by Reciprocity
  • 855-019-0140  NAPLEX Score Transfer
  • 855-019-0150  Foreign Pharmacy Graduates
  • 855-019-0160  Nuclear Pharmacists
  • 855-019-0170  Reinstatement of License
  • 855-019-0171  Reinstatement of a Revoked or Surrendered License
  • 855-019-0200  General Responsibilities of a Pharmacist
  • 855-019-0205  Duty to Report
  • 855-019-0210  Duties of the Pharmacist Receiving a Prescription
  • 855-019-0220  Drug Utilization Review (DUR)
  • 855-019-0230  Counseling
  • 855-019-0240  Consulting Pharmacist Practice
  • 855-019-0250  Medication Therapy Management
  • 855-019-0260  Collaborative Drug Therapy Management
  • 855-019-0264  State Drug Therapy Management Protocols
  • 855-019-0265  Administration of Drugs
  • 855-019-0270  Qualifications
  • 855-019-0280  Protocols, Policies and Procedures
  • 855-019-0290  Record Keeping and Reporting
  • 855-019-0300  Duties of a Pharmacist-in-Charge
  • 855-019-0310  Grounds for Discipline
  • 855-019-0320  Petition for Reinstatement of Pharmacist Licenses

 ORS 433.407 to 416 (Procedure Where Workers Exposed to Infectious Disease)

​Vaccines recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) for healthcare workers include:

  • Hepatitis B
  • Influenza
  • MMR
  • Pertussis
  • Varicella
  • Meningococcal (only high risk - anatomic or functional asplenia; persistent complement component deficiencies; microbiology lab workers)

 OAR 333-018-0000 to 333-018-0145 (Disease Reporting)

These rules cover:

  • 333-018-0000 Who Is Responsible for Reporting
  • 333-018-0005 To Whom Reports Shall Be Made
  • 333-018-0010 Form of the Report
  • 333-018-0013 Electronic Laboratory Reporting
  • 333-018-0015 What Is to Be Reported and When
  • 333-018-0017 Reporting of Veterinary Diseases
  • 333-018-0018 Submission of Organisms or Specimens to the Public Health Laboratory
  • 333-018-0020 Reports from Local Public Health Administrators
  • 333-018-0035 Procedures Involving Emergency Response Employees
  • 333-018-0100 Health Care Acquired Infection Reporting and Public Disclosure: Definitions
  • 333-018-0105 Health Care Acquired Infection Reporting and Public Disclosure: Review
  • 333-018-0110 HAI Reporting for Hospitals
  • 333-018-0115 HAI Reporting for Ambulatory Surgery Centers
  • 333-018-0120 HAI Reporting for Long Term Care Facilities
  • 333-018-0125 HAI Reporting for Other Health Care Facilities
  • 333-018-0127 Annual Influenza Summary
  • 333-018-0130 HAI Public Disclosure
  • 333-018-0135 HAI Data Security
  • 333-018-0140 Health Care Acquired Infection Reporting and Public Disclosure: Prohibited Activities
  • 333-018-0145 Health Care Acquired Infection Reporting and Public Disclosure: Compliance

 ORS 433.040 (Vaccine Education and Prioritization)

 OAR 333-048-0010 to 0030 (Vaccine Education and Prioritization Plan)

These rules cover:

  • 333-048-0010 Definitions
  • 333-048-0020 Plan Development
  • 333-048-0030 Penalties

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