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New User Accounts

Sign up for ALERT IIS Access

To access and use the ALERT IIS system, you must be associated with an organization that has an established ALERT IIS profile and take the appropriate training below.

    • If your organization is new to ALERT IIS, please see the New Clinic Enrollment page. 
    • If you are already an ALERT IIS user, please see the training page for training opportunities.

There are four kinds of users: school/childcare, query only, standard and super users.

​For use by school staff and staff that work in childcare centers, preschools and head start programs.

What can this role do?

  • Find student vaccine dose records
  • See if the student is complete or due for shots
  • Print student records including Certificate of Immunization Status (CIS)
  • Create lists of students

How to sign up? Download School Enrollment Steps

  1. Watch the required on-demand  ALERT training videorecorded w​ebinar, or attend a Zoom webinar​.
  2. Read the Confidentiality Policy: English   Español
  3. For sites new to ALERT IIS or with new administrators, complete the Site Agreement form: English Español​
  4. ​​Read and sign the School Individual User Agreement: English   Español
  5. Submit the following to the ALERT IIS Help Desk at or fax to (971) 673-0276.​
    • Certificate from watching the training video or statement of time completing the recorded webinar 
    • Individual User Agreement
    • ​​​Optional: Site Agreement for sites that are new to ALERT IIS

Para uso del personal de la escuela y el personal que trabaja en unas guardieras, preescolares y programas de Head Start.

El propósito de esto

  • Buscar registros de vacunas de estudiantes
  • Vea si el estudiante está completo o debe recibir vacunas
  • Imprima los registros de los estudiantes, incluyendo el Certificado de Estado de Inmunización (CIS)
  • Crear y ahorrar listas de estudiantes

¿Cómo inscribirse? 

  1. ​Vea el ​video de Capacitación de ALERT IIS para escuelas y guarderías​ o asiste una capacitación de zoom.​
  2. Lea la Póliza de Confidencialidad:  English   Español
  3. Para sitios nuevos en ALERT IIS o con administradores nuevos, complete el formulario Acuerdo de sitio: English Español​​.
  4. Lea y firme el Acuerdo de Usuario Individual de la Escuela:  English   Español​
  5. Envíe la información al servicio de asistencia de ALERT IIS al o envíelo por fax al (971) 673-0276.
    • ​​Certificado o confirmación de tiempo de que completado el video de capacitación, parte #3.
    • Acuerdo de usuario individual
    • ​​Opcional: Acuerdo de sitio para sitios que son nuevos en ALERT IIS​

For use in a clinical setting typically pharmacists and front desk staff, the Query Only User role allows view-only access to patient immunization history and immunization forecasting and access to print immunization records.

What can this role do?

  • Find and view patient records
  • Print patient records

How to sign up?

  1. Read the handout. Complete the quiz in the handout.
  2. Read the Confidentiality Policy
  3. Read and sign the Individual User Agreement.
  4. Submit the quiz answer sheet and Individual User Agreement to either
    1. The Super User in your organization
    2. The ALERT IIS Help Desk at​ or by fax to (971) 673-0276.

This is the most commonly used role in the medical clinic setting.

What can this role do?

  • Add/edit access to patient immunization history and immunization forecasting
  • Access to print immunization records
  • Access to manage vaccine inventory, ordering state-supplied vaccine
  • Access to run most reports

How to sign up?

  1. Watch the required training videos and complete the online quiz.
    1. Modu​​le 1: Accessing ALERT IIS and quick start to vaccine inventory transfer (18:48)
    2. Module 2: Patient vaccine history and recommendation schedule (22:58)
    3. Module 3: Add new and update immunization information to patient’s record (7:53)
    4. Module 4: Generate immunization record reports, add new patient, and manage patient record (6:38)
  2. Read the Confidentiality Policy
  3. Read and sign the Individual User Agreement.
  4. Submit the Individual User Agreement to either
    1. The Super User in your organization
    2. The ALERT IIS Help Desk at or by fax to (971) 673-0276.

This role is intended for clinical and pharmacy staff. Users must have completed Standard User training.

What can this role do?

  • Same functionality as the Standard User role, plus….
  • Manage user access for standard and query-only users for their organization
    • Collecting and storing individual user agreements and proof of training
    • Guide new users to training materials, reset passwords, answer basic questions
  • Manage and update their organization’s profile details and contact information as needed.
  • Access to two reports used by clinics participating in the Vaccines for Children program.

How to sign up?

  1. Prerequisite: Standard User access or proof of completed Standard User training.
  2. Attend a required live webinar training. This training covers managing user access, resetting passwords and providing administrative and technical support for other users. Super User training is offered twice a ​month by live webinar.

Have Questions?

Please contact the ALERT IIS Helpdesk at: