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Unit Citation

The EMS Unit Citation recognizes acts of organizations, units, or specially constituted teams in providing emergency prehospital care or EMS system support activities under extreme circumstances.

NOTE: Recipients pictured below with Candace Toyama - OHA EMS Deputy Director and Dr. David Lehrfeld - OHA EMS Medical Director


  • "G" Street Fire Rescue
  • Highway 97 Winter Crash

"G" Street Fire Rescue

  • AMR: Carrie Compton, Kirk Concoran, Kessica, Dabich, Tom Cermak
  • RuralMetro Fire Department: Mitch Kuntz, James Eddy, Daniel Lasneski, Annette Cooper
  • Grants Pass Fire & Rescue: Tim DeLisle, Michael Fazio, Marty Adamo, Justin Borra, Ed Goodboe, Elijah Cunningham, Chris Rodgers, Brandon Riguad, Tim Stacy, Julian Cangilose, Joe Hyatt
  • Grants Pass Department of Public Safety - 911 Center: Bryan Mathews, Alison Hopkins, Sue Miller, Jesse Leppla
  • Grants Pass Department of Public Safety - Police Department: Tim Artoff, Shane Corely

Highway 97 Winter Crash

  • Sherman County Ambulance Service: Deena Johnson, Robert Stone, Ree Ella Con Borstel, Shawn Payne, Mac Settles, Joe Belshe, Trenton Mason, Joyce Stone
  • Mid-Columbia Fire & Rescue: Walter Debstedt, Bruce Neelands
  • Moro Rural Fire Protection District: Tyler Hubbard, Scott Belshe
  • South Sherman Rural Fire Protection District: Glen Fluhr, Amber Kuettel, Zack Fluhr, Bert Norris

Unit Citation Medal