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Re-Entry to Clinical Practice

The Oregon Medical Board (“OMB" or “Board") has the mission to protect the health, safety, and wellbeing of the citizens of Oregon and must protect the public from the practice of medicine by unqualified, incompetent or impaired physicians, physician associates, or acupuncturists. The Board also supports provider re-entry as part of its mission to promote access to quality care. Consistent with these directives, the Board has adopted a policy regarding re-entry to clinical practice following a period of clinical inactivity.

In general, the Board requires any applicant or licensee with more than a 24-month hiatus from practice to design a re-entry plan that includes an assessment, supplemental training, or mentorship. Requirements vary depending on individual circumstances, including the number of years in practice before the hiatus, the number of years out of practice, the type of licensure requested, and the clinician's intended practice and specialty.

A detailed re-entry plan is designed and documented in a Consent Agreement for Re-entry to Practice, which may consist of mentoring, supplemental training, passing the SPEX or COMVEX exam, continuing education hours, or other activities pertinent to the clinician's practice and needs. The duration of a re-entry program is dependent upon individual circumstances, and completion requires a letter from the program or mentor verifying fitness to return to clinical practice. The re-entry program is not a mechanism for switching specialties.

Re-entry programs help providers return to practice, assure licensure boards of competency, promote quality care, and increase the medical workforce. The Oregon Medical Board is firmly invested in ensuring licensee competency to deliver safe health care to Oregonians, and every effort will be made to maintain balance between clinician supply and the demand for safe, competent health care.

-Adopted April 2011
-Amended July 6, 2023

Oregon Medical Board rules outline re-entry requirements, OAR 847-020-0183, 847-050-0043, 847-070-0045, and 847-080-0021.
Additionally, the Oregon Medical Board holds licensees to recognized standards of ethics of the medical profession, specifically for this philosophy: American Medical Association's Code of Medical Ethics: Opinion 8.13 Physician Competence, Self-Assessment & Self-Awareness; American Association of Physician Associates' Guidelines for Ethical Conduct for the PA Profession: The PA and Individual Professionalism, Competency; and Oregon Association of Acupuncturists' Code of Ethics: 1.1 Competence.

- ORS 677.190(1)(a) and ORS 677.188(4)(a)