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Stakeholder Engagement Grants


"Stakeholder Engagement Project" means a project whose purpose is to communicate and engage with landowners, organizations, and the community about the need for, feasibility, and benefits of a specific eligible restoration or acquisition project or projects within an identified geography, or an eligible resource assessment or planning project, in order to successfully plan or implement said restoration or acquisition project. Education projects are not eligible.

Eligible Activities

To determine eligibility, project proponents should consider the outcomes of stakeholder engagement projects. To qualify as necessary for restoration or acquisition, the project must be tied to a specific geography, address clearly articulated habitat or watershed or ecosystem function goals for that geography, and identify a clear path toward achieving the restoration or acquisition measurable outcomes within a reasonable and specific timeframe.

Please see OWEB's Online Application Guidance. In the online application, applicants should select all activities that apply to the proposed project.

Education projects are not eligible for Stakeholder Engagement grants.


Oregon's Administrative Rules Secretary of State website

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