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Forest Collaboratives


In 2013, the Oregon Legislature provided state funds to create the Federal Forest Restoration Program (FFR) to increase the pace, scale, and quality of restoration on Oregon’s federal forests. The Oregon Department of Forestry (ODF) entered into an agreement with OWEB to facilitate Federal Forest Health Collaborative Project Development technical assistance grant offerings and awards as a part of program implementation.

The Collaborative Capacity Grants are intended to increase restoration efforts on federal forests statewide by enhancing and strengthening the effectiveness of local collaboratives. Grants are awarded through a competitive process in which collaborative groups respond via letter of intent and application to specific objectives and goals developed collaboratively by OWEB and ODF.


This solicitation is open to established local collaborative groups engaged in forest restoration and/or stewardship on federal forests in Oregon (forests managed by the U.S. Forest Service or Bureau of Land Management).

To be eligible, collaborative efforts must show evidence of a baseline capacity to sustain collaborative dialogue among diverse perspectives. The following must exist at the time of application. Documentation must be submitted for a collaborative to be eligible for a grant under this solicitation.

  1. 501(c)3 status or signed agreement with a fiscal sponsor. If a collaborative group does not have 501(c)3 status, applicants must have a signed agreement with an eligible fiscal sponsor. This can be a non-profit community based organization or unit of local government, including tribal governments. Applicants must be based in Oregon.
  2. Statement of Commitment signed by collaborative members/participants (including a Declaration of Commitment).
  3. Established collaborative process that has been endorsed/approved by the collaborative membership. At minimum, this should include:
    1. Mission statement that focuses work on public lands.
    2. Decision-making protocol.
    3. Documented calendar/schedule that outlines meeting frequency and structure.
  4. Leadership structure and process to show how organizational decisions are made, including but not limited to a standing leadership committee or administrative committee.


The application cycle is currently closed. Contact Kathy Leopold for information on upcoming grant opportunities.


Email: Courtney Shaff
Phone: 503-986-0046

Email: Kathy Leopold
Phone: 503-986-0187

Administrative Rules

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