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OGMS Help (OWEB's Grant Management System)

OGMS Features

  • Instant, real-time information about OWEB grants including activity on grants in the past 30 days, status of payments and past-due items, and due dates for reports and other documents.
  • Fast grant management for submitting an OWEB report or requesting a time extension.


An OWEB login (username and password) is required to access either OGMS or the online grant application. Only one login per organization is allowed. If your organization doesn't have a login, please email Leilani Sullivan to request one. Include in your email:

  • Organization name and address.
  • Grantee Contact Information: name, title, email address, and phone number for the person who will receive all communication from OWEB and sign any grant agreements.
  • Payee Contact Information: name, email address, and phone number for the person who keeps records and submits payment requests and documentation.
  • FEIN (Federal Employer Identification Number). OWEB may enter into agreements only with legally established entities. OWEB will review potential applicants prior to creating an OGMS login.
  • DUNS (Data Universal Numbering System) number. Though not required at application, each grantee must have an active DUNS number verifiable through the System for Award Management (SAM) before a grant agreement will be released.

Uploading Files

Submit photos, maps, metrics forms, etc., by uploading to OGMS.

Large files (PDFs with many pages and images) may take several minutes to upload. There are free tools and guidance online for reducing file size.


Reduce your file size in Word before converting to PDF. See guidance from Microsoft​. Though the information is for Mac users, the general guidance pertains to PC users also.


Reduce your PDF file size. See guidance for Acrobat Pro. For Adobe Acrobat 8 or above, choose "​Document" and then "Reduce File Size".​​​


  • Upload images one at a time.
  • Limit each photo's size to 1 MB (1000 KB = 1 MB).
  • Use your own photo editing software to reduce file size or use a free photo compression tool online.
  • Adjust your camera settings to avoid sizes larger than 1 MB.


  • Use the zip folder compression method to package multiple photos together.
  • Insert photos into PDFs or Word documents; they become inaccessible to pull individually from the database for use by other applications.

A zip file contains one or more files that have been compressed to reduce file size. This option can be used to compress large documents or to package multiple files together. Microsoft Windows XP (and newer) has a basic built-in zip capability. See guidance for zipping files on Microsoft's website. Do not create zip files for photos.

Retrieve Previously-Submitted Applications

Access OGMSYou can search using a number of criteria (county, region, type of grant, etc.). Once you click "Submit", a table will appear with those grants that meet your criteria.

For detailed information (funding levels, summary, evaluation, etc.) on any application in the table, click the Project Number (the first cell of each line). Within the project window, you can access documents (e.g., application, grant agreement) or images that might be there.