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Monitoring Grants


In accordance with ORS 541.956(4), the board will consider only grant applications that:

  1. Describe current watershed conditions by gathering and analyzing data, and making monitoring results publicly available;
  2. Establish trends about watershed conditions by gathering and analyzing data, and making monitoring results publicly available; or
  3. Evaluate the specific effects of a restoration or acquisition project or program by comparing similar watershed components before and after implementation of a restoration or acquistion project or program, and making monitoring results publicly available.

Projects that will not inform the development of restoration or acquisition projects or programs and have the sole purpose of theory testing, evaluation of experimental designs, or the production of generalizable knowledge are ineligible. Monitoring applications must describe the specific habitat, stream, vegetation, macroinvertebrates, fish, other animals, invasive species, soil, and/or water quality and quantity variables measured. Applicants must explain the monitoring question and provide information about local assessments or plans tied to the project, and provide information about complementary monitoring efforts conducted by partners as part of a broader plan.

Eligible Monitoring Types

If you have questions about the eligibility of your monitoring proposal, please contact Ken Fetcho and/or the Regional Program Representative for the region in which the monitoring will take place. See OWEB's Online Application Guidance for more eligibility details.


Water Quality Monitoring and Reporting Requirements (Recorded webinar with OWEB and DEQ, May 2019. 1hr 20min)

Volunteer Water Quality Monitoring Program (DEQ website)

Monitoring for the Oregon Plan

Field and Technical Guides

If you would like technical input from state agency monitoring experts as you develop your monitoring application please contact the following Oregon Plan Monitoring Team (OPMT) agencies.


Ken Fetcho, Effectiveness Monitoring Coordinator

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