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Public Interest Findings

The following tables provide Letter of Public Interest Findings (LPIF) by year, listed by Contract Numbers in tabular format.  As additional years are added, new tables will be included.

All LPIF documents are stored on the ODOT FTP server.  If you have difficulty viewing these documents, please contact the web editor.

If you have questions or concerns on the LPIF, please submit an email to ODOT Pre-Letting

Public Interest Findings

Contract No. Project Name Letter of Public Interest Findings
14504​ ​South Yamhill River (Bridge St) Green Bridge  View Documents
​14518 ​US101: Beverly Beach - Alsea Bay Bridge ​No LPIFs
​14519 ​US26: Nehalem River & HWY 103 BR #02165 ​No LPIFs
14524​ FFO - I-205 @ NE Airport Way Interchange​ View Documents
14526​ ​I-5: Glendale-Hugo Paving & Sexton Climbing Lane View Documents
14537 ​I-5 @ Beltline Interchange, Unit 3 View Documents
14541​ ​FFO - US199: Applegate River Bridge No LPIFs​
14545​ ​OR8: Minter Br Rd - SW 331 St Ave Sec View Documents
14548​ ​FFO - I-84 @ US97 Interchange (Biggs Junction) View Documents
14552​ ​FFO - OR212/224: Sunrise Corridor (I-205-SE 122nd Ave) View Documents
14555​ ​FFO - I-84 Kamela Intchg - 2nd U'Xing (La Grande) View Documents
14558​ Chemawa Rd (River Rd-Keizer Rapids PK) Bike & Sidewalks No LPIFs​
17573 ​FFO - US20: Cascade Improvements (Sisters) View Documents
​14575 ​OR8: N10th Ave-N 19th Ave (Baseline St) Cornelius View Documents
14576 ​US97/Murphy Rd: Brookswood - Parrell (Bend) Phase 1 View Documents
14580​ ​OR62: Linn Rd to HWY 234 No LPIFs​
14581​ ​FFO - I-5 @ OR214 Interchange (Woodburn) Development View Documents
14584​ OR18: Newberg - Dundee Bypass (Phase 1B)​ View Documents
14591 ​OR58 at MP 51.6 Slide Repair Section ​No LPIFs
14592​ ​Region 2, 3, & 4 Bridge Deck Repairs ​No LPIFs
14595​ ​Springbrook - Delta Waters Realignment View Documents
14597 ​Kalmiopsis Elem School: Easy St: Fern Ave - Pioneer Rd ​No LPIFs
14602​ ​FFO - US101: McCullough Bridge Rehab-North Section View Documents
14607​ ​US26 @ Brookwood / Helvetia (Shute Rd) View Documents
14610​ ​US101: Necarney Cr (Sam Reed) Br Painting View Documents
14612​ ​Rosicky-6th-Washington Sidewalks (Malin) ​No LPIFs
14613​ ​US101: Big Creek Bridge Cathodic Protection View Documents
14615​ ​OR221 (Wallace Rd) @ Glen Cr Road (Salem) View Documents
14616​ ​OR211: Eagle Cr -Sandy Hwy at Dubarko Rd (Sandy) View Documents
14617​ ​FFO-I-5: Fern Valley Interchange, Unit 2 View Documents
14618​ ​Main St: OR99W - Rail Corridor (Tigard) View Documents
14620​ ​OR99E: Signal Upgrades (Canby) View Documents
14621​ ​FFO - OR99W: I-5 NB Ramps No LPIFs​
14622​ ​US101: Umpqua River & McIntosh Slough Painting View Documents
14623​ ​US20, US26, US395 Chip Seals & Rumble Strips 2014 No LPIFs​
14625​ ​I-5: Region 3 Barrier and Guardrail Upgrades View Documents
14626​ ​SE Rose Biggi: Hall Blvd - Crescent St (Beaverton) View Documents
​14627 ​OR99E: Naef Rd - Clackamas River Br View Documents
14628​ FFO-I-5: Hood Ave-Tualatin RVR Seismic Retrofit View Documents
14629​ ​US 730, US 395, US 30 and Hwy 331 Chip Seals 2014 No LPIFs​
14630​ ​US101: Neahkanie Mt Rock Wall Repair Phase 3 No LPIFs​
14631​ ​US101: Hunter Creek Bridge Cathodic Protection View Documents
14632​ ​FFO - I-84: Troutdale Interchange (Marine Drive) View Documents
14633​ ​US20/26: 11th St (Nyssa) 0 Idaho State Line View Documents
14634​ ​US97: L Street - Fairgrounds Road (Madras) View Documents
14635 ​OR130: Little Nestucca River BRS Steel Truss Paint View Documents
14637​ ​FFO - US26: MP 49.2 - MP 57.45 View Documents
14639 ​US26: Necanicum River (Black) Bridge #02601 No LPIFs​
14642​ ​US101: Siltcoos Beach Recreation No LPIFs​
14643​ ​2010/2011 Signal Upgrades View Documents
14644​ ​Sunriver to Lave Butte Multi-Use Path View Documents
14646​ ​OR99E: Clackamas River Bridge-Dunes DR (Oregon City) View Documents
14647​ ​FFO - OR207: Umatilla River (Hinkle) Br #2318A View Documents
14648​ I-84: Arlington - Tower Rd​ View Documents
14649​ ​OR99W: Newbury St & Vermont St Bridge Rehab View Documents
14651​ ​US101: Necarney Cr (Sam Reed) Br Painting View Documents
14653​ OR39: Merrill NCL - California State Line​ No LPIFs​
14654​ FFO - US101: SE 23rd Dr SW 35th St (Lincoln City)​ View Documents
14655 MIM Huntington to Farewell Bend No LPIFs​
14656​ ​OR99W: OR240 (Newberg) - OR18 (McDougal Jct) View Documents
14658​ ​Layng Rd: Mosby Creek Covered Bridge Rehab View Documents
14659​ ​Foss Rd @ MP 6.5 Slide Repair (Tillamook County) No LPIFs​
14660​ ​US97: Wickiup Ave - Bowery Lane (Redmond) View Documents
14661​ ​US26: West Humbug Creek Bridge Replacement View Documents
14662​ ​OR42: County Line Curves Phase 1 View Documents
14663​ ​I-5: Martin Creek - Anlauf No LPIFs​
14664​ ​FFO - US395 Curve Realignments View Documents
14665​ Region 2 Centerline Rumble Strips (Units 1)​ View Documents
14666​ ​Albany Multimodal Transit Station Path View Documents
14667​ ​OR140: Lake of the Woods No LPIFs​
14668​ Kalmiopsis Elem School: Easy St: Fern Ave - Pioneer Rd​ No LPIFs​
14669​ ​Region 2 Center Line Rumble Strips (Unit 2) View Documents
14670​ ​FFO - US20 PME: UPRR - Eddyville (Phase 3) View Documents
14671​ ​FFO - US97 @ Cherry Lane & FFO - US26 @ Dover Lane Madras No LPIFs​
14672​ ​US20 Chip Seal No LPIFs​
14673​ ​Rogue River Trail: Sadine Crk - Rock Point Bridge View Documents
14674​ ​Upper Olalla Rd: Olalla Creek Bridge #19C497 View Documents
14675​ ​Columbia Blvd / McNary Heights SRTS (Umatilla) No LPIFs​
14676​ ​OR126: Grass Butte - Rimrock Rd (Prineville Grade) View Documents
14677​ ​FFO - US26: MP 49.2 - MP 57.45 View Documents
14678​ ​2014 South Central Oregon Chip Seal No LPIFs​
14679​ ​OR99W: SW Durham Rd - SW Fischer RdA View Documents
14680​ ​Region 5 ITS 2014 View Documents
14681​ ​OR140: Ritter Rd - Deer Run Rd (Bly Mtn) View Documents
14682​ ​I-5: Evans CRK - Rock PT & Tolo Rehab (Br #07776) No LPIFs​
14683​ ​US101B: Old Youngs Bay & Lewis & Clark RVR Bridges View Documents
14684​ ​Jackson St & Stevens St Alleys View Documents
14685​ ​Stella Mayfield Elem School (Elgin) View Documents
14686​ ​US101: Jetty Cr Rock Screening No LPIFs​
14687​ ​OR58: Pheasant Lane to Dexter View Documents
14689​ ​N FK Yachats R (Yachats Covered Br) Project BR #12037 View Documents
​14690 ​S Fork Scappoose Creek (J P West Rd) Br #013751 No LPIFs​
14691 ​Whiskey Creek Culvert Replacement No LPIFs​
14692​ ​US20 PME: UPRR - Eddyville (Phase 3A) View Documents
14693 ​Harris Beach M/U Path: Ranson Ave - Dawson Ave View Documents
14694​ ​US26/Main St & Canyon Blvd: Sidewalk / Beautification View Documents
14695​ ​OR36: Low Pass - Lawrence Roadumber No LPIFs​
14696​ ​Comstock Rd: N of 6th - Page Ave (Sutherlin) View Documents
14697​ ​OR58: Kitson Springs Road to Eagle Creek No LPIFs​
14698​ Yaquina River (Chitwood) Covered Bridge​ View Documents
14699​ SW Oleson Road: Fanno Creek Bridge​ View Documents
​14700 ​District 7 Rumble Strips and Warning Signs No LPIFs​
​14701 ​Irving Ave: 19th St Bridge #07T01 (Astoria) View Documents
​14702 ​OR219: Vermillion - Aldercrest Sidewalk & Bike Lanes No LPIFs​
14703 ​Pengra and Unity Covered Bridges Roof Replacement View Documents
​14704 ​Edson Creek Road MP 2.1 No LPIFs​
14705​ ​OR18: Newburg - Dundee Bypass (Phase 1D) View Documents
14707​ ​OR42S: Low Volume Road Paving No LPIFs​
​14708 OR99E: Vineyard Rd​ View Documents
​14709 US30: HCRH Chenoweth Gateway Sign​ View Documents
14710​ ​Larson CRK TRL: Bear CRK GRNWAY TRL to Ellendale Dr View Documents
14711​ ​US101: Brays Point - Sutton Lake Rd Slide Repairs No LPIFs​
​14712 ​South Bank Chetco River Rd MP 0.67 No LPIFs​
14713​ ​Region 5 Durable Striping 2014 View Documents
​14714 ​I-5/I205 Bi - State Travel Time Signage View Documents
14715​ ​OR99W: N Victory Blvd - N Argyle St (Portland) View Documents
14716 ​Region 3 Weather Stations and Camera Installations View Documents
14717 ​McKee Br Rd: Applegate R (McKee Covered Br) Rehab View Documents
​14718 ​Metolius River (Camp Sherman Rd) Bridge View Documents
​14719 ​OR217: Hall - Scholls Intchgs & OR10 @ Western Ave View Documents
14720 ​Buff St: 10th St - McTaggart Rd (Madras) View Documents
14721 ​Oakridge - Westfir Ride Center View Documents
14722​ ​OR18: Newberg - Dundee Bypass (Phase 1E) View Documents
14723 ​CMAQ - La Grande Paving (2014) No LPIFs​
14724 ​Barber St: Coffee Lake Loop - Kinsman (Wilsonville) View Documents
14726​ 2014 Region 2 Curve Warning Sign Project​ No LPIFs​
​14727 ​I-205: Columbia Slough & NE Alderwood Rd BRS View Documents
14728​ ​2014 Interstate Sign Replacement Project View Documents
14729​ ​Region 2 Culvert Replacement Project - 2013 View Documents