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Public Interest Findings

The Letter of Public Interest Findings (LPIF) are published on the Public Interest Finding (PIF) website on the project's bid opening date.  The LPIF will be removed from the PIF website and the ODOT FTP server when the project has gone to 2nd Notice. 

Please visit the Contract Administration Reports website to determine if a project has gone to 2nd Notice. 

If you have questions or concerns on the LPIF, please submit an email to ODOT Pre-Letting

Public Interest Findings

Contract No. Project Name Letter of Public Interest Findings
​14519 ​US26: Nehalem River & HWY 103 BR #02165 ​No LPIFs
14552​ ​FFO - OR212/224: Sunrise Corridor (I-205-SE 122nd Ave) View Documents
14555​ ​FFO - I-84 Kamela Intchg - 2nd U'Xing (La Grande) View Documents
14597 ​Kalmiopsis Elem School: Easy St: Fern Ave - Pioneer Rd ​No LPIFs
14602​ ​FFO - US101: McCullough Bridge Rehab-North Section View Documents
14607​ ​US26 @ Brookwood / Helvetia (Shute Rd) View Documents
14610​ ​US101: Necarney Cr (Sam Reed) Br Painting View Documents
14617​ ​FFO-I-5: Fern Valley Interchange, Unit 2 View Documents
14632​ ​FFO - I-84: Troutdale Interchange (Marine Drive) View Documents
14637​ ​FFO - US26: MP 49.2 - MP 57.45 View Documents
14644​ ​Sunriver to Lave Butte Multi-Use Path View Documents
14656​ ​OR99W: OR240 (Newberg) - OR18 (McDougal Jct) View Documents
14662​ ​OR42: County Line Curves Phase 1 View Documents
14677​ ​FFO - US26: MP 49.2 - MP 57.45 View Documents
14681​ ​OR140: Ritter Rd - Deer Run Rd (Bly Mtn) View Documents
14683​ ​US101B: Old Youngs Bay & Lewis & Clark RVR Bridges View Documents
14705​ ​OR18: Newburg - Dundee Bypass (Phase 1D) View Documents
14706​ ​OR99: Roosevelt Blvd - Garfield St - Bike / Ped (Eugene) View Documents
14721 ​Oakridge - Westfir Ride Center View Documents
14722​ ​OR18: Newberg - Dundee Bypass (Phase 1E) View Documents
14724 ​Barber St: Coffee Lake Loop - Kinsman (Wilsonville) View Documents
14728​ ​2014 Interstate Sign Replacement Project View Documents
14733​ US395: Alkali Lake - Lake Abert View Documents
14736​ ​US26: Willamette River (Ross Island Bridge) View Documents
14738​ ​I-5: Marquam Bridge - Capitol Highway View Documents
14744​ ​Region 1 Signal Upgrades View Documents
14746​ FFO - I84: The Dalles - Fifteenmile Creek​ No LPIFs​
14748​ ​Wyss Rd: Trask Slough Bridge #57C33 No LPIFs​
14752​ US101: Wheeler to Wilson River​ No LPIFs​
14755​ ​FFO - US101: Manzanita Ave - Neahkahnie Creek No LPIFs​
14758​ ​OR99W: Gaarde . McDonald Intersection Improvements View Documents
14759​ ​OR34/US20, South Bypass - Riverside Dr View Documents
14763​ ​OR62 & OR140 Intersection View Documents
14770​ ​I-5: Marquam Bridge - Capitol Highway No LPIFs​
14771​ ​US101: Siuslaw R Br (Florence), Cathodic Protection View Documents
14777​ ​I-5: Anlauf - Elkhead Rd Paving View Documents
14779​ ​I-84 Huntington - Farewell Bend WB No LPIFs​
14782​ ​FFO - I-5 @ Kuebler Intchg - Southbound Ramp Improvements View Documents
14783​ ​Coos County Signal Upgrades View Documents
14786​ ​OR62: Corridor Solutions Unit 2 (Medford) View Documents
14788​ ​I-84: Bridge Rail Retrofit View Documents
14789​ ​I-84: Cascade Locks - Hood River View Documents
14790​ ​Region 5 Sign Upgrades 2015 No LPIFs​
14792​ ​US101: Cooks Chasm - Sutton Creek View Documents
14793​ ​US97: Moro - Madras View Documents
14794​ ​Gibson Hill Rd: Scenic Dr - N Albany Rd (Albany) No LPIFs​
14795​ ​District 8 Rumble Strips & Warning Signs No LPIFs​
14796​ ​Burns Signal Improvements View Documents
14797​ ​Deer Creek Rd: Wallowa River Bridge #63C114 View Documents
14798​ ​Broadway St: Willamette R (Broadway) Br Painting View Documents
14801 ​OR99W: Amity SCL to Hoffman Rd View Documents
14805​ ​Belknap, Office, & Wildcat Cover Bridges Rehabil View Documents
14806​ Marcola Rd: Cash Creek Bridge Replacement No LPIFs​
​14808 ​FFO - OR138E: Corridor Solutions (Roseburg) View Documents
14809 ​US30: Traffic Signals at McAlister Rd (RX 1659) View Documents
14815​ ​OR99E: Young Street Safety & ADA Ramps (Woodburn) View Documents
​14820 ​Region 5 R.O.R Safety Improvements (2015) No LPIFs​
14824​ ​Tualatin - Sherwood Rd: OR99W - Teton Ave View Documents
14825​ ​OR8: SW 185th Ave Section View Documents
14826​ ​OR213 (82nd Ave): SE Duke Street View Documents
14827​ OR224: Rockfall Mitigation Tree Removal​ View Documents
14828​ ​US30: Traffic Signals at McAlister Rd (RX 1659) View Documents
14829​ ​US101: Sea Lion Point Rockwall No LPIFs​
​14830 ​OR224: Rockfall Mitigation View Documents
14831​ ​Nehalem River (Miami-Foley) Rd (Lommen) No LPIFs​
14832​ ​Region 4 Centerline Rumble Strip No LPIFs​
14833​ ​I84: Durkee - Nelson Point No LPIFs​
​14834 ​I-5: Siskiyou Rest Area (Ashland) View Documents
14835​ ​2015 Region 1 Curve Warning Sign Project No LPIFs​
14836​ ​US101: Culvert & Fish Passage Upgrades, 2015 No LPIFs​
​14837 ​Westside Trail: Rock Creek TRL - Bronson Creek TRL View Documents
14838​ ​US30 & US34 Continuous Left Turn Lane Reumble STR View Documents
14839​ ​US101: Columbia R (Astoria - Megler) Br Painting, Phase 2 View Documents
14840​ ​OR213: Intersection Improvements, Couch - Division View Documents
​14841 I-84: Union Jct Interchange Bridge Deck Overlay No LPIFs​
14842​ ​OR224 (Clackamas Hwy): SE 232rd Dr View Documents
​14843 ​Empire Blvd: Newmark Ave - Washington Rd (Coos Bay) View Documents
​14844 ​US101: Umpqua River & McIntosh Slough Br Rail & Rehab View Documents
14845​ ​OR213 (82nd Ave): Sandy Blvd View Documents
​14846 ​Pebble Creek (Pebble Creek Road) Bridge #13682A No LPIFs​
14847​ ​Pacific Coast NSB: Agate Beach Wayside (Newport) No LPIFs​
​14848 ​Tualatin - Sherwood Rd: OR99W - Tenton Ave No LPIFs​
14849​ ​Region 2 Sign Replacements (2014) View Documents
​14850 ​US395: US730 - 4th Street (Hermiston) View Documents
14851​ ​I-5 SB: Broadway 0 Weidler Exit Ramp (Portland) View Documents
14852​ ​I-84: Mosier - The Dalles No LPIFs​
14853​ ​Rogue - Umpqua SB: Guardrail & Turnout Improvements No LPIFs​
14854 ​US26: Camp Creek Rock Fall MP 220 View Documents
14855​ ​Hershell LN: Lostine River Bridge Replacement View Documents
14856​ ​Deer Creek Rd: Wallowa River Bridge #63C114 View Documents
14857​ Verda Lane @ Chemawa Rd (Keizer)​ View Documents
14858​ ​Region 2 Curve Warnings, Part 2 No LPIFs​
14859​ Lookingglass Cr Rd: Lookingglass Cr Br Replacement​ No LPIFs​
14863​ ​I-84: Tanner Creek Bridge Deck Overlay View Documents
14866​ ​OR58: Salt Cr Tunnel - MP 70 ​No LPIFs​
14867​ ​Region 2 Chip Seals (16-18) ​No LPIFs​
​14868 ​OR18: Newberg - Dundeee Bypass (PH 1G) (Springbrook Rd) ​​View Documents​​
​14869 ​I-84: Baker Valley VSL 2015 ​​View Documents
​14870 ​OR42: Gray Creek Culvert Replacement ​No LPIFs​​
14871​ ​I-5 @ Beltline Interchnage - Unit 4 (Eugene / Springfield) ​​​View Documents​​​
​14872 ​US20 PME: Environmental Mitigation Measures View Documents
​14873 ​I-5: Bear Creek Bridges NB & SB, Scour Repair ​​​View Documents​​
​14874 ​Pacific Coast NSB: Agate Beach Wayside (Newport) ​​View Documents​​
14875​ ​17th Ave Trail" SE Ochoco - SE McLoughlin ​​View Documents​​
​14876 ​US101: Siuslaw River Bridge - Douglas County Line ​​No LPIFs​​​
14877​ ​OR58: Black Canyon - Middle Fork Willamette River ​​​View Documents
​14878 ​I-84: Jordan Road - Multnomah Falls ​​​View Documents​​
14879​ ​OR18 @ Christensen Road ​​​View Documents​​
​14880 ​US199: Applegate River - Slate Creek ​No LPIFs​​​
14881​ ​OR38: Culvert Upgrades, MP 0.9-42.6 ​​​​View Documents​​
​14882 ​Willamette Hwy to Lave Odell Road ​​No LPIFs​​
​14883 ​US30BY (Sandy Blvd): NE 105th Ave (Portland) ​​​​View Documents​​​
14884​ ​US101: Johnson Creek - McTimmons Lane Paving ​No LPIFs​​​​
14885​ US30: Wonderly - Swedetown & Gnat Creek - Burnside L ​No LPIFs​​​​​
14887​ OR126: US20 - Helmholtz & US97: Biggs - Spanish Hollow Creek ​No LPIFs​​​​​
​14888 ​US97: Romaine Village Way - Lava Butte ​​​​​​View Documents​​​
​14889 ​County Rd 118: N Fork Floras Cr Br Replacement ​​​​​View Documents​​​
​14890 ​FFO - US20 PME: UPRR - Eddyville (Phase 4) ​​​​​View Documents​​​​
​14891 ​US101: Thomas Cr & Reinhart Cr Bridge Rehabilitation ​​​​​​View Documents​​​
​14892 ​Rhododendron Dr: 9th St - Wildwinds (Florence) ​​​​​​View Documents​​​​​
14893​ ​OR43: Ross Island Intchg NB Conn Deck Overlay ​​​​​​View Documents​​​​
​14894 ​OR551 @ Keil Road ​​​​​​​View Documents​​​​
14895​ ​Regional Active Traffic Management (ATM) Project ​​​​​​​​View Documents​​​​
14896​ ​US20: Sheep Creek Bridge Repair (Phase 2) ​​​​​​​​View Documents​​​​​
14898​ ​US95: Jordan Valley - Jordan Creek (Hwy 456) ​No LPIFs​​​​​​
​14899 ​2016 South Central Oregon Chip Seal No LPIFs​​​​​​​
14900​ ​OR380: Ochoco Creek Bridge Replacement ​​​​​​​​​View Documents​​​​