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Alternative Contracting

Alternative Contracting

Alternative Contracting consists of:
- project delivery methods,
- contract procurement methods,
- and contracting tools
that deviate from the traditional Design-Bid-Build business method.
Alternative Contracting Methods and tools are NOT meant to replace traditional Design-Bid-Build, but to provide additional options for unique, complex, or schedule critical projects.
ODOT has used Alternative Contracting for projects ranging from project development methods (i.e. Design-Build) to alternative bidding tools (i.e. A+C+D) to contracting tools (i.e. Incentive/Disincentive).
Oregon State Law requires the use of low-bid procurement for highway construction (ORS 279C.300), but allows exemption from this requirement if required findings provided in an exemption order are approved (ORS 279C.335). Methods that require an exemption include Design-Build, CM/GC, Best Value Multi-Parameter (A+C+D), and Cost+Time (A+B).
When considering Alternative Contracting for a project, the selection of the right method or tool is critical to the success of the project

Alternative Contracting Methods

To learn more about specific contracting methods please follow the appropriate link below.


Design-Build ​​

Special Pre-Qualifications​​

Performance Specifications

Multiple Parameter Bidding (A+B+C) ​ 



Many volumes of information exist for alternative / innovative contracting.  The information provided here is a starting point. 

Alternative Contracting Resources



Russell Swearingen
Alternative Contracting Program Manager
email: Russell.SWEARINGEN@odot.state.or.us
phone​: (503) 986-3759

Office Of Project Letting
phone: (503) 986-4040​ ​