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TGM Planning Grants

TGM Planning Grants help local jurisdictions plan for streets and land to lead to more livable, sustainable, and economically vital communities. This planning increases opportunities for transit, walking and bicycling.

TGM awards two types of grants:

  • Category 1: Transportation System Planning, to give Oregonians a range of transportation choices and meet requirements of the Oregon Transportation Planning Rules
  • Category 2: Integrated Land Use and Transportation Planning, to promote communities that meet the needs of all Oregonians to live, work, and move about

TGM has funded over 800 grant projects. See the list of completed and active projects through 2020.

The TGM program awards these grants on an annual basis. Applications are due in July and awards are made in September. Projects typically have a two-year period from award to completion. See the Grant Award Timeline for more information.

TGM is also working on rural transportation equity, and provides direct technical assistance to rural communities for data, mapping, outreach and engagement, project identification and prioritization, and plan development.

Pre-Application Information

The 2021 TGM pre-applications were due March 31, 2021. However, we welcome inquiries on a rolling basis. If, after reviewing the packet below, you would like assistance, please send a short description of the proposed project to Elizabeth Ledet​.

Contact Elizabeth Ledet with general questions about the TGM g​rants process.​

Application Information

The application period will reopen in spring 2022.

List of 2021 TGM Planning Grant applications

    Application Resources​

    ​Contact Elizabeth Ledet for answers to general questions about process and filling out your grant application. ​Contact the lead TGM planner for your region​ if you would like to discuss your project objectives, project approach, or the ODOT region's perspective on the project.

    Currently, we have projects from grant years 2018, 2019 and 2020 underway.

    TGM has completed over 800 grant projects with many active projects currently underway.

    2009 – 2018 Grant Products

    Final products for the most recent projects are available for viewing and download.

    1993 – 2007 Grant Products

    Final products for older projects are available upon request. To request a product, please contact Frances Campoz and remember to include the file code(s) in your request.

    List of TGM Final Products 1993 – 2007​

    TGM has compiled a partial list of grants and incentives provided by other state and national programs.

    ​TGM uses two consultant selection methods. The method for a specific project will depend on the particulars of the project and the needs of the local government and the program. The methods are:

    1. Mini-RFP and Small Purchase under an ODOT Price Agreement series.
    2. Open RFP via ORPIN. All interested firms are encouraged to sign up for ORPIN notice.

    Contact Elizabeth Ledet at (503) 986-3205 for more information.​

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