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Local Government Funding Overview

Oregon has several programs that invest in transportation projects on local roadways. There are federal funds, state funds and other funds; there are programs that invest in specific modes, such as rail or bicycle/pedestrian; and there are emergency situations when funds are available, too. Below is an overview of the various funding sources and programs.

To begin exploring these funding sources, we recommend you look at two major programs:

  • Statewide Transportation Improvement Program. This program identifies and schedules several years in advance most major projects around the state and in communities using mostly federal funds.
  • ConnectOregon. This is a legislatively-approved program for investing in multimodal (non-highway) projects, including rail, marine/ports, air, bicycle/pedestrian and public transit.

For an overview of federal-aid transportation programs, see the Congressional Research Service's Federal-Aid Highway Program (FAHP): In Brief.

The Oregon Department of Transportation manages other programs that fund or support projects on local roadways. You may also want to explore options related to the following categories of funding (some programs may be shown in more than one category):

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