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Transportation Safety Action Plans

The Transportation Safety Action Plan (TSAP) is a uniquely Oregon document that has been developed to lay out a set of actions that Oregonians have identified as steps to a safer travel environment. The document also serves as the State of Oregon’s Strategic Highway Safety Plan (SHSP), a document required by federal law.
The TSAP envisions a future where Oregon's transportation-related death and injury rate continues to decline. We envision a day when days, then weeks and months, pass with not a single fatal or debilitating injury occurring. Someday, we see a level of zero annual fatalities and few injuries as the norm.


2015 TSAP Update Page

Useful Information
TSAP Acronyms and Definitions (PDF 429 KB) 
2011 Table of Key Actions (PDF 458 KB)
2004 Table of Key Actions (PDF 21 KB)
1995 Table of Key Actions (PDF 24 KB)

2011 TSAP
(Click on the link to open TSAP)
2011 TSAP (PDF 1.8 MB)

The 2011 TSAP, Oregon’s third generation Strategic Highway Safety Plan, was developed over the course of sixteen public input sessions and two formal public hearings. At their September 13, 2011 meeting, the Oregon Transportation Safety Committee unanimously voted to forward the TSAP to the Oregon Transportation Commission (OTC). The OTC unanimously approved the document on October 20, 2011. Once they moved the plan forward, approval of the process was requested from the Federal Highway Administration, which was granted in a letter dated January 25, 2012.

2006 TSAP Amendment
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2006 TSAP Amendment (PDF 2.7 MB)

Though the 2004 TSAP was developed with pending federal legislation in mind, it did not incorporate all the requirements envisioned in the Surface Transportation Efficiency Act (SAFETEA-LU) - a Legacy for Users which called for development of a Strategic Highway Safety Plan in every state.  The 2006 amendment provides the documentation necessary to bring the 2004 TSAP into compliance with SAFETEA-LU requirements.

2004 TSAP
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2004 TSAP (PDF 743 KB)

The need for an updated TSAP was identified as early as 1999, and the 2004 TSAP, the current planning transportation safety planning document for Oregon, was developed between 2002 and 2003. The document represents thinking on safety for Oregon.

1995 TSAP
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1995 TSAP (PDF 757 KB)

The first TSAP, the 1995 plan is thought to be the first of it's kind in the nation.  The 1995 plan was developed using a panel style input process, and was successful beyond expectations. It is estimated that more than 75% of the actions in this initial plan were accomplished prior to publication of the 2004 plan.