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Advisory Council on Hearing Aids

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Proposed Rules Comment Period for Board of Direct Entry Midwifery

​​The Board of Direct Entry Midwifery has been working on revising Oregon Administrative Rules since March 2016. The rule amendments are necessary to align current rules with midwifery industry standards. Revisions are also needed to streamline current requirements and clarify complex processes.

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Practitioner information

The following regulated profession is overseen by the Advisory Council on Hearing Aids. Learn more about applying for a license, associated fees, laws, rules and more by following the link below:

Consumer information

The following information is provided for consumers or potential consumers of hearing aids.


Find a Licensed Hearing Aid Specialist

Use the public database of the Health Licensing Office (HLO) to find a licensed hearing aid specialist. When you access the database, it will open in a separate browser window. When there, take the following steps:

  • Board: Choose "HAS - Advisory Council on Hearing Aids"
  • License Type: Choose "P - Hearing Aid Specialist, Permanent"
  • Status: Choose "Active - Active"
  • Type in city or postal code information to find a licensed specialist by geographic area.

The database does not currently include business contact information (phone and street address). Until it does, we suggest using a print or online business directory. Or conduct a Web search with the specialist's name, key words "hearing aids" and the city or zip code.

About the council

The Advisory Council on Hearing Aids oversees the practice of hearing aid specialists in the State of Oregon. Hearing aid specialists recommend, select or adapt hearing aids and may alter, adjust or reconstruct hearing aids specifications for proper functionality, such as taking ear impressions for proper fit. The Council is composed of:

  • One physician licensed in Oregon by the Oregon Medical Board who is certified in otolaryngology (an ear, nose and throat specialist, or ENT).
  • One member who holds a clinical certification in audiology with the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association and is a member in good standing with that association as well as licensed as an audiologist in Oregon by the Board of Examiners for Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology.
  • Four individuals who are licensed by HLO to dispense, or sell, hearing aids under Oregon Revised Statutes (ORS) Chapter 694.015 to 694.170.
  • One public member who is a consumer of hearing aids and does not possess the professional qualifications of the other members.

Terms of office are four years with the possibility of being reappointed to a second term, however; members are appointed and serve at the pleasure of the Governor.

Board members

Rod Walker

Rod Walker

Term: 2nd Full
Term end: 12/9/2020
Happy Valley

Rod Walker gradually began losing his hearing in 1999 and by 2001 had in the canal hearing aids in both ears. As his hearing continued to deteriorate, he received his second and third set of hearing aids (both behind the ear) in 2004 and 2008. He began using FM wireless technology and assisted listening devices to further expand his hearing ability. At the encouragement of his audiologist, he was tested for a cochlear implant and qualified in 2009. For the next year he wore one hearing aid and one cochlear implant. In 2010 he qualified for a second cochlear implant and began a new life of significantly improved hearing.

“My audiologists saved my life. They are people I will never forget. They truly cared about me and made a remarkable difference in my hearing journey,” he says. “I want to help all Oregonians have that kind of hearing experience.”
Jonathan Hamm

Jonathan Hamm

Term: 2nd Full
Term end: 9/30/2022

My name is Jonathan Hamm and I am a Hearing Instrument Specialist working in the Salem area for Salem Audiology Clinic. I started out in the field as a technician in 2005, then moved into dispensing in 2008, working closely with audiologists and clients to meet the clients' needs. I have been a member of Oregon Hearing Society for the past five years. Even before I came into this field, I always been willing to help those in need. I enjoy working with the technology and making a difference in people's lives for the better. To see a smile on someone’s face because they are hearing better is worth it all. I see an opportunity to expand the care for the hearing consumers and the professionals.
Tiffany Parret

Tiffany Parret

Term: 2nd Full
Term end: 12/31/2020

Tiffany Parret has served the hearing-impaired community of the greater Portland area for more than a decade and has been a hearing aid specialist at Avada of Oregon since 2006. Parret also is a supervisor for hearing aid specialist trainees. Previously, she was Operations Manager at Cascade Hearing Centers from 2002 to 2006. Miss Parret majored in international business at Northeastern University in Boston and in economics at Lewis & Clark College in Portland. She is a member of the Oregon Hearing Society and the International Hearing Society. “I take great pride in staying up on the industry’s current events,” Parret said. “As a member of the Advisory Council on Hearing Aids, I’m allowed the opportunity to take that one step further and be involved in issues affecting the profession and consumers.”

Paul Johnson

Term: 1st Full
Term end: 5/12/2020

Paul Johnson is a graduate of Southern Oregon University with a Bachelor of Science in Business Marketing and a minor in Communications. He has worked for Costco for the past 26 years holding a variety of positions duing that time. While employed with Costco, Paul became interested in serving and working with the clients in the Hearing Aid Center's and began the training process to become a Licensed Hearing Aid Specialist. He obtained his license from the Health Licensing Office in October 2015.

Paul has a strong interest in the technology side of the Hearing Aid industry and in looking at the many ways technology is continually improving and changing the industry for the better. "I am very much concerned about the future of our industry and believe there are many ways in which we can meet and exceed the needs of the growing demographic of citizens that will need hearing care," Paul said. "I feel very fortunate to have been given the opportunity to help so many people and enjoy sharing all the new technologies that enhance the hearing impaired today."

Paul enjoys volunteering and community involvement and is currently, or has previously, served as chair to the Pleasant Hill School Board Budget Committee and served on the school district's Financial Advisory Committee, a mentor with the Oregon Master Bee Keeping program, a mentor with the Big Brother/McCurdy Foundation, and volunteered with Friends of Trees, to name a few.

Todd Landsberg

Term: 1st Full
Term end: 5/8/2022
Coos Bay

Dr. Landsberg was appointed to the Advisory Council on Hearing Aids in January 2019. He was diagnosed with hearing loss at age five and has worn hearing aids since then. He graduated from Baylor University in 2000, and went on to receive his doctorate in 2007, from the University of Florida. Dr. Landsberg won the distinguish Oticon Focus on People Award in 2008, and the Bend Lions Club awarded him the Helen Keller Benefactor in 2018. In 2014, Dr. Landsberg started his own clinic, South Coast Hearing Center, in Coos Bay, Oregon. He loves the outdoors, is an avid marathon runner, and has partnered with the Oregon Lions Sight and Hearing Foundation to provide hearing services for patients in Bend and Roseburg. His goal is to provide the highest quality of hearing healthcare.

The Advisory Council on Hearing Aids currently has an opening for a Audiologist. To apply, fill out the Application form.

The Advisory Council on Hearing Aids currently has an opening for a Otolaryngologist. To apply, fill out the Application form.

Board recruitment

Are you interested in serving as a volunteer citizen board member? HLO-regulated boards seek new members as current board member terms expire.

Overview of HLO-regulated professions and boards
Current vacancies and how to apply


For licensing qualification questions, contact Qualifications Specialist Sarah Bye at 503-373-1989 or

For policy questions, contact Policy Analyst Anne Thompson at 503-373-1904 or

For board recruitment questions, contact Paige Sims at 503-373-1915 or

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