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Division 41: Water Quality Standards

The rules tables and maps found in the Oregon Administrative Rules Chapter 340, Division 41 constitute Oregon’s water quality standards. These rules include the designated beneficial uses of Oregon waters, water quality criteria, Oregon’s antidegradation policy, and related implementation provisions. Although some criteria are incorporated into tables (links provided below), it is important to read the water quality standards rule language in Division 41 for complete information. Additional tables and maps identify where beneficial uses, such as aquatic life, recreation, and drinking water supplies, are designated for purposes of applying the water quality criteria. DEQ has developed designated beneficial use tables and maps for each of 15 administrative basins that cover the state. 

​​​​​Water Pollution State-Wide Water Quality Maintenance Plan; Beneficial Uses, Policies, Standards, and Treatment Criteria for Oregon Division 41

​These tables identify the beneficial uses that have been designated in each basin.

​​​These maps and tables show waters where specific fish uses are designated, including the following aquatic life use subcategories: Borax Lake Chub, Bull Trout Spawning and Juvenile Rearing, Cool Water Species, Core Cold Water Habitat, Salmon and Steelhead Migration Corridors, Salmon and Trout Rearing and Migration, Redband or Lahontan Cutthroat Trout, Redband and Hybrid Trout, and Shad and Sturgeon Spawning and Rearing. The tables for the Mainstem Columbia River and Mainstem Snake River also indicate areas where salmon and steelhead spawning through fry emergence occur. These uses are protected by temperature criteria at OAR 340-041-0028 and inform application of dissolved oxygen criteria at OAR 340-041-0016.

​The following maps specify in which streams and at what times salmon and steelhead spawning is a designated use. This use is protected under specific water quality criteria for temperature (340-041-0028) and dissolved oxygen (34-041-0016).

The maps linked here show where coastal contact recreation and shellfish harvesting are designated beneficial uses in Oregon estuaries. These maps complement associated Designated Beneficial Use Tables.


For questions about DEQ's administrative rules, contact Emil Hnidey, Rule Coordinator, at 800-452-4011, ext. 5946 or 503-229-5946