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2014-2017 Air Toxics Science Advisory Committee

The purpose of the Air Toxics Science Advisory Committee that was reconvened from December 2014 through June 2017 was to provide DEQ and the Lane Regional Air Protection Agency, with advice on the state air toxics program that was scientifically and technically sound, independent, balanced, useful and timely. The committee's responsibilities were outlined in previous Oregon Administrative Rules. The committee was intended solely as a technical advisory body, not as a committee designed to reflect stakeholder views. The committee's charge did not include policy recommendations. In addition to technical issues, the committee addressed:

  • Risk assessment and engineering issues, not risk management decisions
  • Adequacy of the scientific foundation on which a DEQ position (e.g., ambient benchmark values) is based, not the position itself.

The committee provided expertise related to:

  • Reviewing ambient benchmarks for the state air toxics program.
  • Reviewing and revising short-term guidelines.

The committee was required to have at least five but no more than seven members with relevant air toxics experience in the following six disciplines:

  • Toxicology
  • Environmental science or engineering
  • Risk assessment
  • Epidemiology and biostatistics
  • Public health medicine (physician)
  • Air pollution modeling, monitoring, meteorology or engineering.

One member could have more than one field of expertise (e.g., toxicology and risk assessment) or more than one member could be in the same general field, but possess different specialties (e.g., air pollution engineering and air pollution modeling). Members served a three-year term, as volunteers without pay.

Over the 2.5 years of ATSAC meetings, ATSAC members included:

  • Bill Lambert, Ph.D, OHSU – served as ATSAC chairperson
  • Bruce Hope. Ph.D.
  • David Farrer, Ph.D., Oregon Health Authority
  • Dean Atkinson, Ph.D.
  • Max Hueftle, LRAPA
  • Kent Norville, Ph.D.
  • Dave Stone, Ph.D.

To see the agenda, meeting minutes, and meeting materials for each ATSAC meeting, please search Oregon Records Management System.

Please direct any inquiries to Sue MacMillan, DEQ Air Toxics Science and Policy Analyst.

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