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Ten Most Emitted EPA Toxic Release Inventory Chemicals in Oregon in 2018

2021 DEQ Analysis of EPA 2018 Toxics Release Inventory

Oregon Facilities and 2018 TRI Data

DEQ analyzed the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's 2018 Toxics Release Inventory data of estimated toxic chemical emissions to identify the ten most emitted chemicals in Oregon in 2018 and the facilities that are the largest sources of those emissions. TRI is a mandatory EPA reporting program that includes emission estimates from more than 21,000 facilities across the country and covers approximately 767 air toxics. Facilities estimate emissions by factoring in the total amount of toxic chemicals used and emitted in its operations in a given year.

DEQ uses the TRI data as a starting point to assess the estimated emissions from Oregon facilities. While a facility's estimated TRI emissions may be within current regulatory limits, DEQ and EPA are committed to communities having the 'Right to Know' what is in its air. In general, toxic chemicals covered by the TRI Program are those that cause one or more of the following:

  • Cancer or other chronic human health effects
  • Significant adverse acute human health effects
  • Significant adverse environmental effects
The severity of the effects are dependent on the amount, exposure, and type of chemical. TRI reported emissions are estimates and used primarily to track likely facility emissions of toxic chemicals. TRI data is based on estimated emissions presented in pounds per year.

DEQ created resources to simplify the TRI data so Oregonians can learn what the most emitted TRI toxic chemicals are in Oregon, and which facilities are emitting the majority of those chemicals. For additional information, please see the full 2021 summary report of 2018 TRI Data.

2021 summary of ten most emitted TRI Air Toxics in Oregon in 2018

top 10 toxics in Oregon

There is usually a three-year gap between the submission of TRI data and the analysis and release of the annual data. DEQ is currently completing the analysis of 2019 data and will continue to release an Oregon-specific TRI summary annually. 

For questions or clarification on Oregon TRI data, please contact Sue MacMillan, 503-875-7741 

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