Air Toxics

2020 Air Toxics Emissions Reporting Overview

The Oregon Department of Environmental Quality requires permitted facilities to submit toxic air contaminant emissions inventories for the calendar operating year from January 1 through December 31, 2020 [OAR 340-245-0040(2)]. Over the course of the 2020 calendar year, facilities should closely monitor and record their operating activity and material usage in preparation for reporting to DEQ in the third quarter of 2021. Facilities in Lane County will report directly to the Lane Regional Air Protection Agency. Refer to 'Who Should Report', below, for updated information. Additional reporting details will be added to this page as they become available. ​

The 2020 Air Toxics Reporting Quick Guide provides a printable overview of updated reporting requirements. Additional information is available on the Air Toxics Emissions Reporting Frequently Asked Questions page. 

​All Title V, Standard ACDP, and Simple ACDP permitted facilities operating in Oregon are required to report to DEQ (or LRAPA) their 2020 operations and activities related to toxic air contaminant emissions. Find a reporting overview in the 2020 Air Toxics Reporting Quick Guide.

For 2020, all General ACDP, Basic ACDP, and Area Source Registration permit-holders are excused from this air toxics reporting requirement. 

Title V, Standard, and Simple facilities must report their toxic air contaminant emissions inventory for calendar year 2020 to DEQ (or LRAPA) by Sept. 1, 2021. Additional information, including online submission instructions, will be available in first quarter of 2021. 

Anticipated timeline (updated November 2020):
  • Fall, 2020 - The final list of exempted permit categories is available
  • Spring, 2021 - Reporting forms and instructions are available to download
  • April, 2021 - Sources that must report receive formal notification of reporting requirement, pursuant to OAR 340-245-0040(2)(b)
  • Sept. 1, 2021 – Deadline for sources to electronically submit their completed reporting form to DEQ via an online submission portal.

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ACDP Simple and Standard and Title V permittees are required to provide the following information, as applicable:
  • Identification of toxics emissions units (EU)
  • Annual production activities and fuel usages by EU
  • Identification of Toxic Air Contaminants by EU
  • Identification of emission factors by EU, associated reference information
  • Annual material usage, waste shipped offsite of air-toxics containing materials
  • Material information found on Safety Data Sheets
  • Identification of control devices and control efficiencies by EU
A printable reporting overview is available in the 2020 Toxic Air Contaminant Reporting Quick Guide.

A list of Oregon's 600+ toxic air contaminants, including EPA's 187 hazardous air pollutants (HAPs), can be found on the Toxic Air Contaminant Reporting List (OAR 340-245-8020 Table 2). This information will also be provided in the reporting form. ​

Operation and activities that may be omitted can be found in the list of Categorically Insignificant Activities to Exclude.

Additional information, including emission factor resources, can be found on the Air Toxics Reporting FAQ page.

A comprehensive Toxic Air Contaminant Emissions Inventory Recommended Procedures document is currently in development.

DEQ will provide a standardized, Excel-based (.xlsx) reporting form for facilities. The form will be available for download in spring 2021, and examples will also be available at that time. The reporting format will resemble the AQ405CAO form, however, final details are still in development.

Facilities wishing to protect disclosure of certain aspects of their reported information may submit a public records disclosure exemption request at the time of submission. Please refer to OAR 340-214-0130 2(b) and 3(a-d) for more information.

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For questions specific to the 2020 inventory submittal, contact Clara Funk

For all other permitting questions, contact your regional DEQ permitting office

For LRAPA facilities, please contact LRAPA directly at 541-736-1056.