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Strategy for Preventing the Wasting of Food

In March 2017, DEQ finalized its Strategy for Preventing the Wasting of Food. The plan outlines a framework to direct DEQ’s work over a five-year period to encourage reductions in the wasting of food across the supply chain to support Materials Management in Oregon: 2050 Vision and Framework for Action.  
Drawing on an eight-month long evaluation of the current landscape around preventing the wasting of food and an assessment of more than 80 potential projects, DEQ selected nine projects that it believes will both “change the current conversation” around preventing the wasting of food and make significant, measurable contributions to the state’s waste reduction goals. These projects include: 
  • Wasted Food Measurement Study
    The Oregon Department of Environmental Quality is working with Portland State University’s Community Environmental Services to conduct a five-part study on wasted food generation in the State of Oregon. The main research objectives are to understand the causes of waste, collect reliable data on wasted edible food, and provide basic methods for establishing wasted food baselines and assessing shifts in waste prevention behaviors or levels of awareness.
  • Messaging
  • Consumer Outreach
  • Schools
  • Commercial Sector
  • Edible Food Rescue
  • Labeling
  • Coalition of Interested Regional Parties
  • Additional Research



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