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Fees for DEQ Registration or Permit Applicants

Permit and registration application fees

Transfer stations or material recovery facilities

Composting facilites

Conversion technology facilities

Waste tire management: $100 or $250

Municipal solid waste landfill, construction and demolition landfill, incinerator, energy recovery facility, solid waste treatment facility, off-site industrial facility or sludge disposal facility:

Captive industrial facility: $1000

Solid Waste Letter Authorization: New site: $500

Permit and registration compliance fees

When is the fee due?

For the first fiscal year’s operation, the entire compliance fee shall apply if the facility is placed into operation on or before April 1. Any new facility placed into operation after April 1 shall not owe a permit compliance fee until the Department’s annual billing for the next fiscal year. An application for a new transfer station, material recovery facility or composting facility shall include the applicable permit or registration compliance fee for the first year of operation.

Additional information

  • These fees are for facilities not previously permitted and do not apply to permit renewals or expansions of a currently permitted site.

  • Find the type of permit you desire, below, to determine the amount of the application processing fee. In most cases, the first year’s annual compliance fee will be due at the same time as the application fee (see details in table on reverse).

  • Submit the application processing fee with the permit application (and compliance fee, if required) for each new permit.

  • Make your check payable to "Oregon DEQ."

  • Note: Most permits/registrations are issued for up to 10 years. Short-term projects may qualify for a letter authorization; call DEQ.


Bob Barrows
Composting Program Lead