Solid Waste Disposal Site Permits

Permit applications

Permit Applications for conversion technology facilities, energy recovery facilities, material recovery facilities, solid waste treatment facilities, transfer stations, incineration units and landfills

Permit exemptions

Reporting forms

Solid waste per-ton disposal fee changes

Fact Sheet: Solid Waste Fee Changes


Industrial facilities

  • Industrial Solid Waste Facilities - Annual Reporting PDF XLSX
  • Industrial Solid Waste Facilities - Quarterly Reporting PDF XLSX
  • Construction/Demolition Landfills (More than 1,000 Tons/Year) XLSX

Municipal facilities


Transfer stations and material recovery facilities

  • Solid Waste Transfer Facility Report PDF XLSX
  • Material Recovery Facility Report PDF XLSX
  • Composting Facility Report Form PDF Word

Out of state disposal


Waste tire disposal reporting and form


Waste tire carriers

Waste tire storage sites, beneficial use, or combined storage/carrier