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Modernization Project Underway: Your DEQ Online

Over the next two years, we will be upgrading and streamlining the way we accept, process and share information at DEQ. This is an important and exciting upgrade to the way we do business now, both internally and with the public. Our new Environmental Data Management System, which we’re calling Your DEQ Online, will provide an easy and intuitive online system for connecting to DEQ.


Your DEQ Online News 

February 2022 

Technology fee

A technology fee of 4% on transactions within Your DEQ Online, such as applications and invoices, is scheduled to take effect July 1, 2022. This fee allows DEQ to pay for annual operation and maintenance of Your DEQ Online, our cloud-based data management system, which includes efficiency and transparency improvements for all users. Fines or civil penalties issued by the DEQ Office of Compliance and Enforcement are exempt from the technology surcharge.

For more information, please see Technology Fee Frequently Asked Questions.

Credit card payments
You now have one more convenient option for making payments through Your DEQ Online. In addition to ACH (electronic checks) and paper checks, you may use your credit card. Credit cards are subject to a 2.3% processing fee, and users will be responsible for covering that cost. ACH and paper check payments are not subject to convenience fees. 
  • For more information on electronic payments, please see our fact sheet.


Over the next two years, many of DEQ's regulatory programs will move online. Our goals for Your DEQ Online are: 

  • To make our services more accessible to our stakeholders and the public
  • To save applicants time and resources on application submissions
  • To streamline DEQ processes and reduce the ongoing costs of collecting and maintaining submission data
  • To provide faster turnaround time for issuing licenses/certifications/permits
  • To meet federal electronic reporting standards
  • To improve transparency and management of publicly available environmental data

Ultimately, Your DEQ Online will make it easier for Oregonians to work with DEQ.​

Submission and renewal

Submit or renew applications, permits, certifications, licenses, complaints and more.


Pay invoices, fees, penalties, and other payments online using an e-check or credit card. 
Fact sheet: Payment options 


Check the status of submitted applications, upcoming reporting obligations, permit/license renewal dates, scheduled inspections, pay invoices online, or correspond with DEQ.

Access to published records

records.png Easily access published records such as permits, licenses and other public information.

The activities and industries we regulate, along with the general public, need better access to information, faster turn-around times and easier payment methods. We are working to meet those needs.​​

Regulated Communities – This online system will bring our application, payment and reporting processes into one online platform for a large number of DEQ programs. Our clients will be able to submit applications and renewals, make electronic payments, track status of projects and communicate with DEQ quickly and easily through a single portal. 

Public – Much of the information stored in the new online system will be readily available and accessible with a few key strokes. This offers immediate access to a large amount of environmental data.​

For help and training materials please visit:

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  • Phase 1: complete
  • Phase 2: 2023
  • Phase 3: 2023

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 Patty McGovern "I’m extremely excited about it. Successfully implementing this project will be a game changer for our agency and our community.” – Patty McGovern, Land Quality Information Coordinator, Information Technology, Headquarters.