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Your DEQ Online Account Registration

The new Your DEQ Online system for submittals such as permits, reporting obligations, license applications and more is now in use for these specific programs:
  • 401 Certification
  • Asbestos Program 
  • Climate Protection Program 
  • Greenhouse Gas Reporting for Electricity and Natural Gas Suppliers 
  • Gasoline Transporter Permits for Tankers 
  • Hazardous Waste Program 
  • Industrial and Construction Stormwater 
  • Sewage Disposal Service Business License
  • Underground Injection Control
  • Wastewater Operator Certification

If you DO NOT deal with the programs in this list, please do not register your account yet. See when other programs transition on the Your DEQ Online project schedule

For anyone working with the programs listed above, it's time to get started with Your DEQ Online by setting up your account. See the Your DEQ Online Account Registration guide for instructions, watch the recorded webinar or register for one of available the webinar dates listed below. 

Not sure which account type meets your needs? Click the topic below to learn more about the most commonly selected account types or read the fact sheet

  • The RO is the person authorized to act as the certifier of submittals on behalf of a facility/company/site.
  • RO account sharing between individuals is not permitted. Each RO must have their own individual account according to EPA CROMERR compliance as well as state and agency technology use rules.
  • A company may designate more than one RO account holder.
  • An RO may link their account with more than one company.
  • An RO may access and edit another RO's submittal for the same company if they are linked to the same facility and submittal group.
  • If a submittal needs to be transferred in some way (RO leaves, for example), there is a method for transferring with help from the Your DEQ Online Helpdesk.
  • An RO may delegate certain permissions for a site and submittal type to a consultant. This is limited to the RO's selected facilities and submittal groups for their own account. You can't share it if you don't have it.
  • One RO may link facilities and submittal types to multiple Consultants, and multiple ROs may link their facilities and submittal types to a single Consultant.​​

  • The Consultant must register an account before an RO is able to link to it.
  • Links from an RO to a Consultant are limited to the RO's own linked facilities and submittal groups.
  • To link to the Consultant, the RO will need that consultant's email address that was used to register an account in Your DEQ Online.
  • Consultant submittals may be viewed by an RO who has linked to the Consultant for that specific submittal type and facility.
  • Consultants are not able to certify and submit. Only the RO can do that.
  • It is possible for someone to hold both an RO account and a Consultant account, however these require unique email addresses. For example, an RO for one company may need to act as a Consultant for another company.​​