Water Quality

Ambient Water Quality Monitoring System is the Oregon DEQ water monitoring data portal.  AWQMS replaces the LASAR system which has been retired.  This new system allows for easier access to DEQ and partner data for rivers and streams, lakes, estuaries, beaches and groundwater resources throughout Oregon. In addition, AWQMS  provides a direct exchange to the Water Quality Exchange network which will integrate DEQ water quality data with other publically available data sources, including USEPA and USGS.
All users MUST use the Public Portal login. Within the public portal, DEQ data and data provided from partner groups, such as watershed councils, is available to view, query, chart, graph, and download. This is a read-only portal, and the public is not able to create new monitoring locations, add or modify any data. If you are interested in partnering with DEQ in water quality data collection please visit our Volunteer Monitoring site.

Currently Available

  • Surface Water, Fish Tissue, Groundwater and Sediment data collected by DEQ from 1/2013 to Present
  • Water Quality Data prior to 2013, please contact LASARhelp@deq.state.or.us with data request


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Coming Soon

  • Surface Water, Fish Tissue and Sediment data collected by DEQ prior to 12/2012 – Formerly available from the LASAR data base
  • Biological (Macroinvertebrate) Data
  • Stream and Riparian Habitat Data
  • Partner Water Quality Data Collected under the DEQ Volunteer Monitoring Program

​Access AWQMS


Username: ORPUBLIC
Password: ORPUBLIC
For assistance - WQDataHelp