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Draft Integrated Report

Draft Integrated Report

Oregon's draft 2024 Integrated Report on Surface Water Quality and 303(d) List of Water Impaired Waters is now available for comment. In addition to the general reporting, this assessment includes four new pollutants and conditions DEQ evaluated in the draft 2024 Integrated Report: ocean acidification and hypoxia, aquatic trash and perfluorooctane sulfonate.

The public comment period closed at 5 p.m. on Monday, July 1, 2024. 

During the comment period, DEQ was notified of water quality data missing from the draft 2024 Integrated Report as well as a few listing errors. DEQ has investigated and identified missing USGS results imported from the Water Quality Portal. A supplemental list of updates to waterbody parameter assessment status is linked below and the reporting tools have been updated.

 DEQ has provided various tools, fact sheets and webinars to help you review and understand the draft 2024 Integrated Report.

Online tools

  • An interactive story map that provides an overview of the water quality assessment process and how to review the draft report.
  • An interactive web map application that displays the Integrated Report by overall status of an assessment unit.
  • An on-line searchable database that provides parameter specific categorical assessment conclusions for all assessed assessment units.

Fact sheets

Supporting documents


DEQ held two webinars that walked through updates and conclusions from the draft 2024 Integrated Report. The video below provides information on how to use the online tools listed above.


Lesley Merrick
WQ Assessment Program Lead

Travis Pritchard
WQ Assessment Data Analyst

Daniel Brown
Laboratory Data Lead

Connie Dou 
WQ Standards and Source Water Protection and Assessment Manager