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Task Force on Shipping Transport of Aquatic Invasive Species

Senate Bill 116 (2013) re-established Oregon’s Task Force on shipping-related transport of aquatic invasive species, which was originally created in 2007 (SB 643). The charge of the task force is to study and report on ways to further combat the introduction of non-indigenous aquatic species from commercial shipping related pathways into the state.
The Task Force has developed recommendations to enhance ballast water management program activities that led to an additional half-time position at DEQ dedicated to vessel inspections and compliance verification monitoring. In conjunction with that effort, the group recommended establishing a vessel arrival fee that would generate roughly 50 percent of funds needed to support ballast water management activities at DEQ (Senate Bill 81). More recently, the Task Force has analyzed policy options in response to changes in ballast water management promulgated at the Federal and International levels.
Task force members are appointed by the Director of DEQ, and two legislators are designated as non-voting advisors (see fact sheet below). The 2013/14 Task Force met four times in order to prepare a report with recommendations for the 2015 Legislature.
Task Force Final Report to the 2015 Legislature

Applicable legislation

Prior task force activities


Advisory committee

The Oregon Ballast Water Management Program plans to revise regulatory rules (OAR 340-143) in accordance with Oregon Revised Statute 783, House Bill 2207 (2015), and recommendations from the Task Force on Shipping Transport of Aquatic Invasive Species. An advisory committee made up of task force members and additional interested parties will guide DEQ’s rulemaking effort.


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