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Control Specifications
The purpose of the construction bid control specification (Section 15950)  is to:
  • Reduce problems associated with system start-up
  • Obtain reliable equipment
  • Obtain and retain the best programmer for project consistency
  • Obtain complete system documentation
  • Acquire detailed description of sequence of operations
  • Obtain quality training for school staff
  • Tailor the control system to staff needs
  • Require the control contractor to design the system before he or she arrives at the site
  • Ask for documentation that the control contractor should generate during design
  • Easily determine who is responsible for system deficiencies
  • Provide a quality check by the mechanical design engineer
  • Level the bidding playing field between vendors
Important Note: The control specifications provided in this link should NOT be used as is. These specs require more than is necessary for most  jobs. These specs must be modified before they are used. If they are not modified, a school district could spend a lot more money than expected or needed.
As part of Oregon Department of Energy services to Oregon schools,  The Oregon Department of Energy - (503) 378-4040 -  can modify the specs for your particular systems/buildings or develop other sequence of operations. 
The specs presented have only a sequence of operations for a variable air volume (VAV) system. A constant air volume (CAV) multi-zone sequence of operation has been recently completed if needed.
Seven of the files contain specifications language for non-control trades since they interact with the direct digital control (DDC) vendor. 
The excel matrix file provides some of the tables that are in Section 19590.
Another file is for BACnet DDCs. Please note that this file is not fully developed at this time.
There is an article on direct digital controls (DDC) to provide you with some background information on that subject.  A DDC unit price spec is currently in development. Please call if you are interested in obtaining a copy.
The general guidelines on testing, adjusting and balancing specifications are critical to fully operational HVAC systems.
Please call the Oregon Department of Energy at (503) 378-4040 if you have any questions regarding the specifications or if you would like to suggest some changes for future updates.
Oregon Department of Energy
625 Marion St. N.E.
Salem, OR 97301-3737
(503) 378-4040; (800) 221-8035
Control Specifications

Important Note: The specifications provided in the link should NOT be used as is. The specs must be modified.

Click to download the following documents. (You may also choose to download a zipped disc of the documents to download.)

Section 15950 (Direct digital control specifications) (Word - please note - 116 pages)

Boiler specifications (Word)

Chiller specifications (Word)