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​​​The Zero-Emission Vehicle Interagency Working Group is tasked with implementing Governor Kate Brown’s Executive Order 17-21, which creates a state-wide goal to increase the number of zero-emission vehicles in the state to 50,000 by the end of 2020.


The Zero-Emission Vehicle Interagency Working Group is a collaborative of state agencies led by the Oregon Department of Transportation that fosters interagency activities to support the adoption of electric vehicles. The ZEVIWG includes the Oregon Department of Energy, Department of Administrative Services, Public Utility Commission, and Department of Environmental Quality. The group will work on implementing the directives from Executive Order 17-21 by tackling cost, infrastructure, and information gaps to help accelerate the transition to electric vehicles. The group will also seek input from stakeholders across the state in partnership with Oregon Solutions

View ZEVIWG meeting materials​ and opportunities for public involvement.

Executive Order 17-21

In November 2017, Governor Kate Brown signed two Exe​cutive Orders (17-20 and 17-21) with specific directives to state agencies to improve energy efficiency, boost electric vehicle adoption, and support actions to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the state.

The Governor’s Executive Order No. 17-21 focuses on accelerating adoption of zero-emission vehicles and outlines a strategy to triple zero-emission vehicles to 50,000 by 2020 – specifically through regulation, charging infrastructure, fleet conversion, outreach, incentives, and private sector partnerships. Greenhouse gas emissions data show that the transportation sector is the state’s largest greenhouse gas contributor. Driving zero-emission vehicles, rather than vehicles with internal combustion engines, will help lower emissions from the transportation sector. While this page is maintained with information about ZEVIWG meetings, please visit GoElectric.Oregon.Gov for more resources and information by the State of Oregon agencies focused on supporting electric vehicle adoption and infrastructure in the state. 

Read the EO for a full list of directives the State of Oregon will implement.

Putting the Executive Order Into Action

View the ZEVIWG's Progress Chart for the latest updates on the EO's directives.