In addition to regular BEEWG meetings, some State agencies and boards also hold other meetings related to Executive Order 17-20 directives.
We will update this table at least monthly. Contact the host agency(ies) for more information.

Date(s) ​Host Agency ​Topic & Description
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​12/17/18 ​Building Codes Division ​​2019 Oregon Energy Code Rulemaking​
​11/2/18 ​Oregon Housing & Community Services Oregon Housing Stability Council​
​​Presentation of EO Directive 5B, assessing energy use in all affordable housing building stock.
6/18/18​ ​Oregon Department of Energy Appliance Standards Rulemaking
  • Agency rulemaking to update battery charger standards to reflect federal preemption.
​6/25/18 ​Oregon Department of Energy ​Appliance Standards Legislative Concept Stakeholder Meeting
  • June 25, 2018 at 1:30 p.m. - ODOE Office

​Building Codes Division Residential & Manufactured Structures Board
  • The RMSB meets quarterly, and helps the director of the Department of Consumer and Business Services administer the low-rise residential dwelling program.
  • 10/3/18 meeting was cancelled. 
​Building Codes Division ​Building Codes Structures Board
  • The BCSB meets quarterly, and helps the director of the Department of Consumer and Business Services administer the structural program, prefabricated structures program, certain energy programs, and the accessibility to people with physical disabilities program.
  • 11/7 meeting will cover the Energy Code draft recommendations for the 2019 Oregon Energy Efficiency Specialty Code.
​8/16/18 ​Department of Administrative Services ​Oregon Sustainability Board​
  • Guidance on integrating EOs related to sustainability into agency sustainability plans. 
​10/23/18 ​Building Codes Division ​Construction Industry Energy Board
  • The CIEB meets twice per year, and evaluates and approves or disapproves proposed state building code standards and administrative rules relating to the energy use and energy efficiency aspects of the electrical, structural, prefabricated structure, and low-rise residential specialty. The proposed standards evaluated by the board may include energy-conserving technology, construction methods, products, and materials.
​Various ​Building Codes Division ​Board and Committee Meeting Calendar
  • ​Calendar view of meetings for the seven boards and various committees for the Building Codes Division.
​Various ​Building Codes Division 2018 Board Meetings
  • Annual list of meetings for the seven boards for the Building Codes Division.​
​Various ​Public Utilities Commission SB 978​
  • SB 978 was passed by the Oregon Legislative Assembly in 2017. The bill requires the PUC to establish a public process to investigate how developing industry trends, technologies, and policy drivers may impact the existing electricity regulatory system.