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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ODOE has rebates available up to $7,000 for heat pump installations and up to $4,000 for related upgrades.​
How Do I Rece​ive a Rebate?

​​​Rebates are paid to the ODOE approved contractor​ (PDF Version) ​who installs the heat pump, so please start by reaching out to an approved contractor to talk about your project. The total rebate amount paid to the contractor will be passed on as savings to you, the customer. You will not need to pay the amount in advance and wait for a rebate check; the savings will be taken off the total cost of the invoice after the installation.

How much will I receive?

Available incentives vary ​depending on the efficiency of the heat pump installed and the income level of the tenant. Low to moderate income households (LMI) are eligible for higher incentives.

Purchase and Installation of Heat Pump Maximum Rebate Levels

Residential tenancy (incentive cannot exceed 60% of cost to purchase ​and install heat pump)

​Manufactured dwelling or recreational vehicle (incentive cannot exceed 80% of cost to purchase and install heat pump)

Standard efficiencyHigher efficiencyStandard efficiencyHigher efficiency
Not LMI$2,000 $3,000 $2,000$4,000

Additional incentives are available for upgrades that facilitate the installation of the heat pump.

Maximum Incentive Level 
(incentive cannot exceed 100% of the cost of the upgrade)

Not LMI$2,000

Contractors will also be able to help identify other potential savings, such as a federal tax credit or an Energy Trust of Oregon incentive. The rebates for this program are eligible to be stacked with other incentives offered by ODOE or another organization. Other anticipated funding known at the time of installation and rebate request review will influence the final incentive amount to ensure payment from ODOE does not exceed 100% of the total cost of installation.

How Do I Receive the Low- or moderate-Income Rebate?

The program is designed to expand access to heating and cooling for Oregonians with lower incomes. If your tenant's household is considered low or moderate-income, you could receive a rebate worth up to 60 or 80 percent of the cost of your heat pump installation, depending on the efficiency of the unit. There are multiple pathways to confirm eligibility (please work with your contractor, and contact us if you have questions):

  1. The tenant is determined eligible for certain Oregon Housing and Community Services programs. Form for option 1 | En Español​
  2. The tenant is determined eligible for certain Oregon Department of Human Services or Oregon Health Authority programs. Form for option 2 | En Español​
  3. The tenant can prove qualifying household income. The household must provide an Oregon Department of Revenue tax transcript for each tax filer residing at the household physical address. Form for option 3​ | En Español​​
  4. The owner provides the Department proof they are participating in the Housing Choice Voucher Program (Section 8) at the dwelling the heat pump shall be installed.

What Else Should I Know?​

Heat pumps must be installed in a residential tenancy or manufactured home/RV in a rented space in Oregon by an ODOE-approved contractor. Rebates are issued to approved contractors, who pass the savings on to customers. The contractor must submit a reservation application and receive approval before starting installation of a heat pump to be eligible for a rebate.​

The systems must follow federal efficiency minimums and regulations, as well as other technical and programmatic requirements. You can review Oregon Rental Home Heat Pump Program Oregon Secretary of State Administrative Rules online.