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Public Transportation Programs Overview

The Public Transportation Division supports the state's goals for citizens to have transportation choices to live independently and participate in the economy. We provide grants, policy leadership, training, and technical assistance to communities and local transportation providers who offer public transportation.

For information about the policies and procedures we use to administer state and federal funds, read our State Management Plan.

Program Areas 

Oregonians take 130 million rides on public transportation every year. The Public Transportation Division provides assistance to public transportation providers across the state to help them purchase and maintain buses and bus facilities.

The Mass Transit Vehicle Replacement Program, 5311 Formula Grants for Rural Areas Program, and the 5339 Bus and Bus Facilities Program offer funding for vehicles and services benefitting the general public.

For more information, email Susan Wilson-George or call ​971-718-6622.

The Public Transportation Division improves mobility options for seniors and individuals who have special transportation needs by expanding public transportation services, removing barriers to public transportation, and coordinating services.

The state-supported Special Transportation Fund and Federal Transit Administration 5310 Enhanced Mobility Program offer funding for vehicles and services benefitting seniors and individuals with disabilities, improving access to healthcare, education, work, and social opportunities.

Learn more with the Special Transportation Fund Guidebook​.

For more information, email Drew Orr or call 971-718-7925​.​​​​

By improving the performance and flow of Oregon's network of diverse transit systems, the Public Transportation Division helps hundreds of transit providers move goods and people more effectively. We strengthen the state transit network through investments in travel information, coordination, communication, passenger amenities, and connected transit services.

The program is funded with Federal Transit Administration 5311 Formula Grants for Rural Areas Program, state funds, and other sources.

Learn more about the intercity transportation services we manage:

POINT Intercity Bus Service
Columbia Gorge Express
Amtrak Cascades Passenger Rai​l

For more information, contact the Public Transit Section at 503-986-3300.