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We need your feedback

HITOC wants to hear your input on which strategies are going well and where Oregon needs to change course. We look forward to reviewing all of the feedback you provide. The optional question prompts below might be able to help you organize your input, but you are not required to use them.

Feedback prompts

Please reflect on the health IT goals below and reflect on how things are going.

Goal 1: Share patient information across the care team.
Oregonians have their core health information available where needed, so their care team can deliver person-centered, coordinated care.

Goal 2: Use data for system improvement.
Clinical and administrative data are efficiently collected and used to support quality improvement and population health management, incentivize improved health outcomes. Aggregated data and metrics are also used by policymakers and others to monitor performance and inform policy development.

Goal 3: Patients can access their own information and engage in their care.
Individuals and their families access, use, and contribute their clinical information to understand and improve their health and collaborate with their providers.

Emerging area: Health IT supports social determinants of health and health equity.

Optional question prompts (all questions can be applied to all goals)

  1. How is this going for you today?
  2. What would achieving this goal look like?
  3. Where are you experiencing impacts?
  4. What has been most helpful?
  5. Where are the biggest challenges/barriers?
  6. What are the right roles for state, providers, CCOs/health plans, and others?
  7. What changes would have the biggest positive impact? Biggest negative impact?

Deadline and how to submit feedback

Please submit written comment to Feedback does not need to be on formal letterhead, and please remember that all feedback is available to the public.

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