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CQMR Onboarding

How to Onboard

Be sure to read through the following onboarding process and complete the steps that are relevant for you and your organization. The OneHealthPort registration process and the execution of legal agreements (Organization Participation Agreement and MiHIN Terms of Service Agreement) can occur in parallel or one after the other. You will need to complete both steps before your organization can access the CQMR system. Once you have completed onboarding, you will be able to access the CQMR at this single sign-on page.

Please note that use of Oregon's CQMR is limited to the HIPAA Covered Entities and their Business Associates; more detail can be found in the CQMR Organizational Participation Agreement and the CQMR Policies and Procedures. 

Onboarding to OneHealthPort for Single Sign-on

User registration and access to the CQMR is provided via OneHealthPort Single Sign-On (SSO) capability. OneHealthPort also provides SSO for the Oregon Provider Directory and many other participating sites in Oregon and Washington. To enhance the security of the CQMR, OHA requires use of Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA), which adds another layer of security to verify a user's identity by requiring additional authentication beyond just the OneHealthPort subscriber ID & password.

  • Register your organization in OneHealthPort or if your organization is already registered, connect with your administrator.
  • Identify end users in your organizations and assign them appropriate roles.


Review and Execute Legal Agreements

Someone from your organization who has authority to execute contracts will need to sign the CQMR Organizational Participation Agreement and the MiHIN Terms of Service. Signed agreements may be returned to In addition to these organizational agreements, each authorized user will click sign an authorized user agreement and a terms of service agreement when they first access the CQMR.


    Training Opportunities

    You can find a complete list of training materials on our Resources page under "CQMR Training Materials."

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