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General Resources

Help and Treatment

Oregon Problem Gambling Services - 877-MY-LIMIT
Gamblers Anonymous
National Council on Problem Gambling
Oregon Council on Problem Gambling
Voices of Problem Gambling Recovoery

Problem Gambling Awareness Calendar

March is Problem Gambling Awareness Month. Each year, OHA develops a Problem Gambling Awareness Calendar that features art by Oregon middle school students. For more information and guidelines for the Middle School Art Search, contact Roxann Jones.

Problem Gambling Tip Sheets

PGS Fact Sheet
Problem Gambling Warning Signs
Responsible Gambling Guidelines
Sport Gambling Fact Sheet
Sports Gambling Terminology
Video Game Terminology
What Financial Institutions Need to Know About Problem Gambling

For parents and educators

Adolescent Problem Gambling
Talking to Youth About Gambling
Teens and Problem Gambling
The Changing Adolescent Brain
Tips for Working with Schools from Oregon Department of Education

Reflect, Resource, Renew Campaign Media

Radio and video

Radio Ad - Intervention (30 s)
Radio Ad - Responsibility (28 s)
Video Ad - Responsibility (60 s)
Video Ad - Responsibility (15 s)


Poster 1 - Reflect
Poster 2 - Responsibility
Poster 3 - High School Students Don't Gamble
Poster 4 - Intervention
Poster 5 - Reflect
Poster 6 - Responsibility
Rack Card

Order Problem Gambling Program material

You can also view and order more material for community use through our online order form.

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