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Administrative Rules / OARs

PEBB's Administrative Rules

PEBB's rules are officially filed with the Oregon Secretary of State's Office. 

View all of PEBB's Permanent Administrative Rules on the Secretary of State's Website.

To submit public comment on any rules open for comment, please send them to the PEBB/OEBB Rules Coordinator, April Kelly, at

Proposed Rules:

70Proposed Notice of Filling - Need and Fiscal Impact

Temporary Rules:

15PEBB Eligibility

On March 18, 2020 the Oregon Educators Benefit Board (OEBB) and the Public Employee’s Benefit Board (PEBB) filed temporary rules providing clarifying language that amends current rules related to Payment for Hospital Services (OEBB OAR 111-080-0065 and PEBB OAR 101-080-0010). Subsequent to filing, these temporary rules and any related adjustments to payments for hospital services made by OEBB and PEBB carriers were placed on hold for the duration of the state’s COVID-19 emergency. 

Once the COVID-19 emergency ends OEBB and PEBB expect to proceed with making permanent the temporary rules and any related adjustments to OEBB and PEBB carrier payments for hospital services will be enacted. The temporary rules are in effect through 9/13/2020, by which date OEBB and PEBB must complete the permanent rulemaking process.

Rules Advisory Committee (RAC) Notices:

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