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PEBB Member Advisory Committee (PMAC)

This page is currently under construction. More information and resources will be added as such materials are developed. Please bookmark this page so you can check back often. Thanks for your interest!

What Is PMAC?

The PEBB Member Advisory Committee (PMAC) was created through the 2011-13 collective bargaining agreement(s). The committee is made up of labor and management members that represent YOU. The committee provides advice and feedback to the Public Employees’ Benefit Board (PEBB) and its staff on your behalf. It reviews PEBB communications and advises on the member impacts of potential plan and benefit changes. Recently, the committee has been looking at wellness programs, including PEBB’s Health Engagement Model (HEM).

Committee Members

  • Greg Clouser, Labor (AFSCME)
  • Keary DeBeck, Labor (SEIU)
  • Lesa Dixon-Gray, Labor (SEIU)
  • Leslie Hasse, Labor (AEE)
  • Matt Orser, Labor (AFSCME)
  • Cindi Peterson, Management
  • Misty Rayas, Management
  • Steve Sander, Labor (AFSCME)
  • Jennifer Young, Labor (SEIU)

Committee Staff

  • Theresa Cross, (PEBB)
  • Rob Glase, (AFSCME)
  • Brian Olson, (PEBB)
  • Philip Shilts, (SEIU)

Health Action Ideas

More to come ... We will add a list of health action ideas for members to consider before Open Enrollment.

Other Resources

PMAC Presentation to the PEBB; Aug. 21, 2018

Committee Meetings

Note: Meeting schedule will be published soon.

Frequently Asked HEM and Health Assessment Questions

QUESTION: I took my health assessment during open enrollment. I chose not to share the results with my provider. Two months later, a health coach from my medical plan called me. She tells me she would like to share some information with me about some available programs that could benefit me. How does my medical plan have information about me even though I chose not to share it?

ANSWER: Your medical plan is likely contacting you based on other information they already have. There are several reasons your medical plan might contact you:

  • Medical plans have basic information about each of their enrollees. They may reach out to you about a program that relates to people of your age and gender for instance.
  • Medical plans process the claims sent in by your provider(s). Claims include diagnosis and treatment information. They may contact you based on the information on your claim.
  • In the past, you may have called your medical plan about certain types of services. They might follow up with you occasionally to see if you are interested in programs they offer.

PEBB does not receive your health assessment results nor do we share information with your provider. You might consider sharing them though. It is one of the easiest ways to learn about health programs your medical plan offers.

QUESTION: Does PEBB have a list of approved health actions? I want to be sure I meet the program’s requirements.

ANSWER: PEBB does not have a list of required health actions for HEM’s two required health actions. You get to choose what is meaningful to you. The goal is to choose health actions aimed at improving your health and wellbeing. If you would still like some ideas for health actions, you’re in luck! We will add a list of health action ideas to this website before Open Enrollment begins. We will also include some ideas for health actions in our next message.

More to come ... We will add questions to this list in the future.

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