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Vision Statement

We seek optimal health for our members through a system of care that is patient-centered, focused on wellness, coordinated, efficient, effective, accessible, and affordable. The system emphasizes the relationship between patients, providers, and their community; is focused on primary care; and takes an integrated approach to health by treating the whole person.

Key Components

  • An innovative delivery system in communities statewide that uses evidence-based medicine to maximize health and use dollars wisely
  • A focus on improving quality and outcomes, not just providing health care
  • Promotion of health and wellness through consumer education, healthy behaviors, and informed choices
  • Appropriate provider, health plan and consumer incentives that encourage the right care at the right time and place
  • Accessible and understandable information about costs, outcomes, and other health data that is available for informed decision-making
  • Benefits that are affordable to employers and employees.

Coordinated Care Model

The Coordinated Care Model exhibits the Key Components of the Board's Vision.


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