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Hospital Cancer Reporting

As the primary source of cancer case reporting to the Oregon State Cancer Registry (OSCaR), it is important that hospitals submit their cancer cases in a timely manner.

Small Rural Hospital Reporting

For small rural hospitals (fewer than 50 beds), the Oregon State Cancer Registry (OSCaR) has a few options to meet your cancer reporting requirements.

Reporting Software

One option is electronic reporting in Abstract Plus. Abstract Plus is a cancer data software that is available free of charge for low-volume, non-ACoS approved facilities for reporting cancer cases to OSCaR electronically.


  • OSCaR is in the beginning stages of rolling out this new software to better serve our cancer reporters in reporting required cancers.
  • An OSCaR staff member will assist you in the installation and provide training on how to abstract these cases into Abstract Plus or Web Plus.
  • Please contact OSCaR at 971-673-0986 to set up an installation (not applicable for Meaningful Use Stage 2 Cancer Reporting).


For more information, please contact OSCaR at 971-673-0986. Abstract Plus and Web Plus were developed and are maintained by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) allows for the reporting of identifiable cancer data to public health entities. Because OSCaR falls under the definition of a public health entity, HIPAA allows facilities to report data to the OSCaR in compliance with Oregon state laws and regulations. Written informed consent from each cancer patient reported to public health entities is not required under HIPAA.

If the above mentioned option does not work for you:

Please contact OSCaR at 971-673-0986 to discuss abstracting done by an OSCaR CTR for a fee.

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