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OMMP: Property Owner Information

Information for Property Owners

Grow Site Requirements

The OMMP is responsible for the registration, regulation and oversight of medical marijuana in Oregon, including medical marijuana growers and grow sites. OMMP growers are individuals designated by a patient to produce marijuana for the patient. The patient may designate themselves or another person as their grower.

The passage of House Bill 3200 in the 2019 Legislative session requires that the Oregon Medical Marijuana Program (OMMP) obtain informed written consent from the property owner of the grow site if medical marijuana will be grown at the grow site and the patient or grower is not the property owner.

Grow site addresses are limited in the amount of marijuana plants that may be grown on the site. This is done by a plant count and not a canopy size. The number of patients registered to the site and the zoning determine the plants limits.

 OMMP Plant Limits Chart

Grow Site Consent

If required, the grow site consent form below must be filled out by the property owner.

  • The name/s of the grower/s being given consent to grow medical marijuana on the property must be listed on the form.
  • The grow site consent form does not expire.
  • If the legal representative will be filling out the form, they must provide proof of legally representing the property.

 OMMP Grow Site Consent Form

If a property owner wants to withdraw their consent for either a grower or for the property in general, they will need to contact the OMMP in writing. See below for more information.

Withdrawing Consent

If a property owner wants to withdraw consent for a grower or for the property being used as a medical marijuana grow site they may contact OMMP at:

Information to include:

  • Property owner’s name
  • Grow site address
  • Grower name/s you want to withdraw consent for

Withdrawing consent will not result in the immediate removal of the grower’s registration. OMMP will contact the grower(s) and provide a deadline for them to comply.