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1. Build Capacity

What do we have the capacity to do?

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Learn how to communicate climate and health issues and identify potential partners. Understand what types of actions are most appropriate given your existing capacity and identify opportunities for building capacity for future action.


Tool Description
Capacity Building Checklist (PDF)

Steps for increasing capacity for climate change planning

Climate and Health Messages in Oregon (PDF) A two-page summary messages based on climate and health science.
Assessing community readiness (PDF) Questions for assessing broader community readiness
The Preparation Frame (PDF) A communications and stakeholder engagement guide developed by Climate Access
Tips for difficult conversations (PDF) Tips developed in response to challenges identified in early planning efforts in Oregon
Statement of intent template (Word) A template for developing a statement of intent or position statement
Stakeholder list template (Excel) Template for identifying potential stakeholders
Assessing organizational capacity (PDF) Questions for assessing internal capacity
Project work plan template (Word) Template for developing a climate and health project work plan
Funding opportunities (PDF) A list of potential funding opportunities

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