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Training Manual

Food Safety: Your Self-Training Manual

Why read this book?

Think about the last time you ate out. Was the food served hot? Did the restroom have hand soap and paper towels? The Oregon Health Authority looks for these things to keep people from getting sick. People can get sick if food is left out at room temperature or if germs get into their food or drinks. Hands can look clean but if they have germs on them, someone can get sick. Food can smell good but have germs on it that make it unsafe to eat. This is why you will want to develop safe habits to keep you, your customers and your family healthy.

How to use this book

In the first few pages of this book, you will see the goals and outcomes that you will be tested on for your food handler certificate. You will need a score of 75% to pass the test. Throughout this book you will find study questions that will help you get ready to take the test for the food handler certificate. At the end of the book is a practice test for you to take and see how you do.


Download the complete Training Manual (pdf)

How to download:

To Save: Right click the link and Select "Save Target [Link] As..."

To View and Print file: Left click the link and Select "File -- Print" from your browser.

Other Languages

Please select desired manual for download and printing. Call your county health department to request a training manual in any of these languages. NoteThe Chinese, Russian, and Korean files are large files and make take a while to download.

Spanish (pdf) La Seguridad en los Alimentos que Ingerimos Manual de Auto-Capacitación

Vietnamese (pdf)PDF File: Vietnamese-Language Food Safety Manual.

Chinese (pdf)PDF File: Chinese-Language Food Safety Manual.

Russian (pdf)PDF File: Russian-Language Food Safety Manual.

Korean (pdf)PDF File: Korean-Language Food Safety Manual.

First Aid for Choking

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