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Required Documents for Contractors

The first step in the cleanup process is to contact a state licensed decontamination contractor. These contractors have hazardous materials training and know how to properly evaluate and decontaminate meth lab properties.

The contractor will develop and submit:

Site Assessment

The first step a contractor takes is to conduct a Site Assessment. A report is then generated that includes a detailed description of the property and all structures on it. A scaled diagram is included, as well as photographs of the site. A third-party sampling company samples for the presence of meth. The sampler will also take pH readings on surfaces to check for corrosive chemicals. The air is tested with a Photoionization Detector (PID) for the presence of volatile organic compounds (VOCs). All of this information, including the test results, is submitted for review.

If contamination is present the contractor will develop and submit a Work Plan. If no contamination is present, the contractor will submit a request for a Certificate of Fitness.

Work Plan

When test results come back positive for meth, the contractor will develop a Work Plan. This plan includes a detailed listing of how the property will be decontaminated, including specific rooms or areas, grounds, outbuildings, etc.

The report also lists the actual physical means by which the surfaces will be cleaned, ie: scrub brushes, sponges, pressure washer, etc. as well as the detergents utilized. This Work Plan is submitted for review and approval.

Certificate of Fitness

If initial site tests come back below the state standard, or if, after approved work is performed, a third-party sampler returns to take follow-up samples that confirm that the decontamination process was successful, the contractor will apply for a Certificate of Fitness.

A Certificate of Fitness is a document issued to a property owner certifying that the owner's property was decontaminated according to the State's rules. It also indicates that the property is fit for re-occupancy.

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