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Licensing Forms, Applications and Fees

Radioactive Materials Licensing Forms and Applications

Fees for Specific Licenses

  1. Analytical/Leak Test/Fixed X-ray Fluorescence, $690(F)
  2. Basic License, $1,220(F)
  3. Brachytherapy, $2,755(F)
  4. Broad Scope A, $3,000(F)
  5. Broad Scope B, $2,755(F)
  6. Broad Scope C, $1,370(F)
  7. Distribution, $1,370(F)
  8. Fixed Gauge, $345(S)
  9. High, medium and low dose rate brachytherapy, $3,000(S)
  10. Imaging and Localization, $1,370(F)
  11. In Vitro Laboratory, $455(F)
  12. Industrial Radiography:
    a. Fixed Facility, $3,000(F)
    b. Field Use, $3,000(F)
  13. Instrument Calibration, $1,035(S)
  14. Investigational New Drug, $2,065(F)
  15. Irradiator Self-Shielded, $1,370(S)
  16. Manufacturing/Compounding, $3,000(F)
  17. Mobile Nuclear Medicine, $3,000(F)
  18. NORM (no processing), $920(F)
  19. Nuclear Pharmacy, $3,000(F)
  20. Other Measuring Device, $200(S)
  21. Portable Gauge:
    a. X-ray Fluorescence, $690(S)
    b. All other portable gauges, $920(S)
  22. Radiopharmaceutical Therapy, $2,065(F)
  23. RAM/NOS Facility, $3,000(F)
  24. Research & Development, $2,065(F)
  25. Sealed Sources for Diagnosis, $690(S)
  26. Source Material, $3,000(F)
  27. Special Nuclear Material (sealed), $1,370(S)
  28. Special Nuclear Material (unsealed), $3,000(F)
  29. Teletherapy (external beam), $3,000(S)
  30. Unique, $No Fee
  31. Uptake and Dilution, $920(F)
  32. Use of Xenon Gas, $920(F)
  33. Waste Packaging, $3,000(F)
  34. Well Logging, $2,065(S)

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