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Radiation Safety Officer

Duties of the Radiation Safety Officer

clipart image of man wearing yellow protective gear, hat and face mask while writing on a clipboard

  1. Assure that radioactive materials possessed under the license conform to the materials listed on the license.

  2. Assure that licensed radioactive materials are used only by individuals authorized by the license.

  3. Assure that all authorized users wear required personnel monitoring equipment, such as film badges or TLDs.

  4. Review all personnel monitoring reports:
    1. Alert the radiation worker if there is a high or unusual exposure.
    2. Notify the Radiation Control Agency personnel as required if there is a high or unusual exposure.
    3. Investigate all unusual exposures.
    4. Take corrective action to prevent other high or unusual exposures.

  5. Assure that licensed radioactive materials are properly secured against unauthorized removal at all times when they are not in use.

  6. Serve as a point of contact between radiation worker and management.
    1. Give assistance in case of an emergency (gauge damage in the field, fire, theft, etc.).
    2. Notify proper authorities (local police and state personnel, for example) in case of accident or damage to gauges.

  7. Assure that the terms and conditions of the license are met.
    1. Perform periodic leak tests of sealed sources.
    2. Review records (e.g., personnel exposure records and leak test records) periodically to assure compliance with the Rules and license conditions.

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